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24 Feb 2018 21:19:00
- tater
- helm
- Ouellet
- DeKeyser

- spooner for tater
- McQuaid for Ouellet
- miller for DeKeyser
- Beleskey for cap dump / to help equal the contracts
- Nash for helm

24 Feb 2018 22:36:54
Spooner for Tatar lol.

25 Feb 2018 06:03:12
No spoons for taters lol.

21 Feb 2018 13:33:01
Detroit Trades
6th Round Pick 2018

Toronto Trades
Sparks (AHL)
2nd Round Pick 2018

Thoughts ?

21 Feb 2018 14:31:53
Not a chance in HELL

Connor Carrick had 18 pts (7g 11a) in 15 playoff games in the AHL playoffs for the marlies 2 years ago, he’s a future Norris trophy winner who gets better when the games get bigger!

Garrett sparks is 24 years old and clearly a future starter in the NhL, his AHL numbers are out of this world (20-8-1 with a 1.78gaa and a .938 sv%. Would the habs have traded 24 year old Carey Price+ for a rental?!

And that 2nd is way better than any other teams 1st rounder because it belongs to my team, so keep dreaming.

Only way Red Wings get carrick is for Larkin +
They want sparks?! Mantha and AA

That’s my best Oilers fan impression, but actually yeah I’ll make that move as a leafs fan. Green is not my ideal fit for our playoff run, but if we can’t get the exact guy, I’d be fine with paying this price to give us whatever better chance.

21 Feb 2018 15:08:37
Jim don't know why you let the dumbest of all oilers fan get to you so badly lol surprised you even took him seriously you should know by now that that buddy is mad delusional and should never even really consider what he’s got to say lol.

21 Feb 2018 16:21:55
I don’t let him get to me, I was just joking. Smiling the whole time, I’m okay lol @Yup spent 3 straight days trolling BS over habs fans a cpl weeks ago, Yet oilers fans per capita have been the worst on here for a while.
Every post is garbage to you guys unless oilers are bending over the opposition. I have no problem saying when leafs are ripping off the other team in someone’s proposal. But if you guys are losing a trade by an inch, it’s delusional and if you’re winning it by a mile, it’s pretty fair haha.

21 Feb 2018 17:35:00
In the end, McJesus Christ97 its Trading a UFA after this Season and a 6th Round Pick 2018 for C Carrick Sparks and a 2nd Round Pick 2018 and its not a good Trade.
Funny if it was the other way around you would say its too much for MGreen.

21 Feb 2018 19:44:29
Hahaha oh I’m sure you were joking writing that up just you really went off and we all know who you are mocking needs to just be ignored after what he’s got to say haha we all know it’s pure delusion!
And blackball don’t know what your sayin buddy I didn’t even comment on the trade.

20 Feb 2018 21:20:34
To Nashville
2018 3rd

To Detroit
2018 1st
2019 5th

20 Feb 2018 22:45:27
Too much from Nashville.

20 Feb 2018 23:46:59
thats something pacioretty would get.

21 Feb 2018 00:33:11
Thats crazy man.

Better be landing Hoffman or Kreider with that offer.

21 Feb 2018 15:21:39
Prefer is worth more the Hoffman so with one is it?

19 Feb 2018 16:54:08
To Philly

To Detroit
2018 Conditional 2nd

2nd if he signs, 3rd if not

19 Feb 2018 17:30:59
Detroit only wants a 3rd for him so definately yes from them but I’d assume Philly would rather give up a 3rd straight up.

19 Feb 2018 17:48:43
Philly shut down a 3rd a few days ago, Neuvirth going down last night just upped his Stock.

19 Feb 2018 19:10:31
Detriot offer Mrazek to Phillt for a 3rd a few days ago. Philly turned it down. But now Lehner is hurt so philly might circle back to Mrazek after all.

19 Feb 2018 02:14:03
Red wings anthony mantha jonah franzon

Canucks 3 rd pick goldobin

19 Feb 2018 04:35:40
Who TF is jonah franzon. Is he some random rookie or is it a player you made up. Straighten things out buddy before posting proposals next time

19 Feb 2018 05:04:40
I have an idea who your talking bout. and . not a chance that Wings give up on Mantha. well not for that.

19 Feb 2018 06:39:36
Crazy attack before you call somebody out make sure you do your own research you plug.

19 Feb 2018 08:24:41
Canuks fans on here are so delusional lately. What the heck.

19 Feb 2018 08:44:11
I’m assuming he means johan franzen who is never playing again and is an LTIR case like pronger/ savard/ Horton/ lupul. But no, they don’t trade Mantha for that.

19 Feb 2018 15:18:27
@McjesusChrist. I did my own research thank you very much. But I've never seen someone butcher Johan Franzen's name that badly. All I said was to check what he's writing before he posts anything

19 Feb 2018 18:48:02
Crazy attack it was pretty obvious who he was talking about. Spelling mistakes happen and there’s no need to be so rude when you can still clearly make out the players name.

19 Feb 2018 00:29:40
Minor Tinkering Ideas:

Niklas Jensen and Luke Glendening and Johan Franzen to the Toronto Maple Leafs in exchange for Matt Martin and Josh Leivo and Roman Polak and a 2019 2nd Round Draft Pick.

if that doesn't work out.

Oscar Lindberg to the Toronto Maple Leafs in exchange for Eric Fehr and a 2019 3rd Round Draft Pick.

- Jensen was touted well last year but has struggled this year. He could use a good team like Toronto to get back on the right track. And, he's a RHD. Glendening is rumored to be going to Toronto for some time, and his cap is a bit, but its an upgrade on 4C for the next few years. Toronto takes on Franzen and stuffs him on LTIR, basically saving Detroit 4 million off of their own books.
- Detroit takes back Matt Martin at full as a compliment to Toronto taking Glendening at full, and Franzen at full (despite Franzen being thrown on LTIR) . Detroit also receives a decent forward who could be a top 9 guy, and if Detroit decides to sell off big-time, then he could be a guy who could step up into a bigger role. And they get a 2nd.


The Vegas trade simply provides insurance for the playoffs. Lindberg isn't doing very well in Vegas (9 points in 55 games), and Vegas would gladly take a 3rd for him. They have tons of guys in the bottom 6 anyway.

19 Feb 2018 02:56:45
Franzan is ocerpaid and has term. That would be a bloody nightmare of a trade. Jensen is a winger that starts 70of his shifts in th offensive zone. I like Glendening. he is a strong penalty killer and plays 3min a nigth on the pk.

Oscar lindberg can stay in vegas.

19 Feb 2018 07:41:47
Franzen gets thrown on LTIR and i think insurance covers the money. I just don't see why Detroit would trade him because they obviously won't get value and since he doesn't impact them at all not worth paying to move.

19 Feb 2018 08:56:25
@howling stone. He said Niklas Jensen who is a winger from Denmark Who I believe is back playing in Europe. But who he meant was Nick Jensen, an American defensman playing for the red wings.

19 Feb 2018 12:13:20

Yeah, meant Nick Jensen. My bad.

20 Feb 2018 15:58:29
I think jbs hits the nail on the head, franzen on LTIR isn't costing the wings a dime so right away its like what's the point?

18 Feb 2018 09:08:45
Mike Green

1st 2018
Jake Dotchin
Conditional pick in 2018 based on play-off success and/or re-signing

18 Feb 2018 15:18:10
Not sure theyd get a first and Dotchin. And then another pick. But you never know. i'm not really sure how to value Dotchin and can definitely see him moved.

17 Feb 2018 19:55:17
Vancouver trade
Tanev and Gudbranson
Toronto trade
2019 1st
2018 3rd

Toronto trade
3rd in 2018

Detroit trade
2nd 2018
Toronto trade

Line up


17 Feb 2018 20:09:52
Det Tor trade is terrible.

17 Feb 2018 20:36:55
Where is Gardiner?

17 Feb 2018 20:44:39
Gardiner was expose to be part of the Detroit deal.

17 Feb 2018 21:50:30
Not enough for Vancouver.

18 Feb 2018 18:29:28
ok what kind of idiot would trade gardiner alone for Glendening and you add lievo and martin wowwwwww.

17 Feb 2018 17:55:44
Since Glendening has been reported as a Leafs target:

Matt Martin and a 4th Round Pick to the Detroit Red Wings in exchange for Luke Glendening.

Glendening have appx. the same total salary remaining, except Martin makes 700k more, while Glendening has 1 more year. Glendening is a better player than Martin, so Toronto adds the fourth. However, Detroit dirches the extra year of the contract, which is good. Glendening becomes Torontos 4C for the next four ish years, and we don't have to worry about fillinv the void again.

15 Feb 2018 13:39:58
Detroit Trades

Toronto Trades
2nd Round Pick 2018

Thoughts ?

15 Feb 2018 14:35:49
Doesn’t Nielsen have term left at over $5mill? Why would you bring him in when guys need raises? And there’s rumours that leafs are still interested, if the price is right, in signing JVR long term if they can agree on a number that works for both. Use that money on retaining a top 6 winger? Or a bottom 6 centre?!

15 Feb 2018 15:04:53
I might be wrong, but isn't JVR playing in the bottom 6 now? I know they were mixing up their lines to have balanced scoring options for a while.

15 Feb 2018 16:12:54
I guess he’s technically on the third line, with bozak and Brown but that’s for balance (like kessel in Pittsburgh was) but he’s a top 6 winger on any team in the league without question and great on the pp. The point I was making was that Nielsen doesn’t take anyone’s spot in the top 6 and arguably in the top 9. Why bring a guy with a big contract in to replace Dominic Moore (1.5 mill Pending UFA)? Does he make us that much better and more prepared to beat bruins/ lightning? Nope. I don’t think what he brings is worth missing out on a chance to bring back jvr or to sign an upgrade on D in the offseason. If he was on an expiring contract, I’d be interested because he’s a decent player and can penalty kill and is an upgrade on Moore. But he has 4 yeas after this at 5.25 mill. No thanks.

15 Feb 2018 16:31:24
JVR, Bozak are not coming back, maybe Komarov but next Season F. Nielsen is your 3rd Line Centre and with A. Johnsson in my guess a Leaf next year its a change coming, this is how the Leafs now do business and its smart to move forward this way.

15 Feb 2018 18:09:29
Uh extremely easy no from Detroit imo.

15 Feb 2018 18:10:07
And makes no sense for Toronto to bring in a guy they don’t even need.

15 Feb 2018 19:46:12
Dont under value that 2nd round pick lol.

15 Feb 2018 22:11:12
saying “this is how the leafs do business” is a little weird lol. Since when is it shanahans and lous way to trade draft picks to bring in a 33 year old 3rd line centre owed $5.25 million till he’s 37?! Lol why wouldn’t they just resign bozak for less than that for 3-4 years and he’s 2 years younger and you already know how he fits in and what he brings. Frans Nielsen is not the answer to the leafs lol.

15 Feb 2018 22:20:09
And I’m not saying it’s a good deal for Detroit. Only way they would take that package is if they know they’re going to rebuild and owners don’t wanna pay $20+ mill to a guy while they’re going to suck.

But leafs could give bozak 4 years @ $4 - 4.5 or something. He makes 4.2 right now and likes it in Toronto, lived through the shitty times, would probably like to get to be part of the better times. And he knows his role isn’t top line anymore, he takes big face offs and can do everything Nielsen would do while making less and being a bit younger.

15 Feb 2018 23:07:56
I like Neilsen but I’d rather see Bozak come back. He’s having an off year but that could be beneficial to the leafs in resigning him. Maybe 3m a year for 3 years or something like that. He’s still a very good 3rd line Center, good on the draw and kills penalties. I don’t want them to have to move Nylander to center.

13 Feb 2018 16:46:48
Not mine, just saw these and thought I would see what you guys think.

E. Kane

1st 2019
2nd 2018
C J. Kyrou

R. Nash

1st 2018
D J. Zboril

D. Mike Green

1st 2018
RW J. Leivo
D A. Borgman

13 Feb 2018 18:39:49
Sorry to burst your bubble. Darmstrong Stated he is not trading his top Prospects (Thomas, Kyrou, Kostin, ) Top rookies (Dunn, Thompson), Top draft picks (2018 2nd, 2019 1st) or Fabbri for a rental type deal.

Also out of all the guys that have been rumored to the blues. I would think Kane would be the least palatable player with his locker room BS, On ice BS and Personal BS. Besides the fact that he is cold as poo right now.

13 Feb 2018 18:42:45
If toronto wants Mike for that price I am down with it. Good deep draft this year Hopefully Kenny H and his team don't f this draft up plenty of good potential players. Hell I would be will to dump Nyquist, tatar, and a few others for as many picks in the top 93 picks this year.

13 Feb 2018 18:44:59
I can actually see all of them happening. not sure Green is what the Leafs need? I think they need more of a tough hard noses Dman. they have skill in Gardiner and Reilly. obviously Green wouldn't hurt em, but If Leafs could find an Intimidating Dman. (big hitter, crease clearer. ) . I think would help em out.

13 Feb 2018 19:16:55
If I were blues I’d hang up.
Leafs don’t need offense from the point, they need a real defender.
If I were Bruins I would be curious at that. I know where zboril was drafted but don’t know a lot more, so clearly depends how they view him. However that pick should be very late and the big heavy game bruins play could be a great fit for Nash. I think the east is as open as it has been in a long time for these playoffs and with the way they have been playing i think the Bruins should look to capitalize. Rask is playing the best he has in years, have one of, if not the best line the league and a lot of youth outperforming expectations. As a leaf fan, I don’t wanna see them get better. But if I were Sweeney, I’d be tempted for sure.

14 Feb 2018 00:44:45
Redwing, you saying old poo? Cause poo is fairly hot when it first comes out, clearify please.

14 Feb 2018 05:01:15
I'm sorry let's say cold as 5 week b old poo in Alberta on Christmas day.

14 Feb 2018 16:27:53
lol @ Colt, never change bud.

14 Feb 2018 16:31:51
#1 Acquiring Kane is a mistake. Too much trouble I would
never give that for a rental that's been nothing but
trouble his whole career.

#2 Overpayment for a rental, but Nash might have a bidding
war that nets this type of return in the end. You Could
be onto something with a realistic trade there.

#3 Looks like a good trade value wise, but I don't think the
leafs are in a cap position to take on Green's Salary
unless they move out another salary in another trade.

12 Feb 2018 13:31:12
Predators looking to put themselves over the top. Rumors that they scouting wing games.

To Nashville:
Tomas Tatar

To Detroit:
1st rounder 2018
Pontus Aberg
Jack Dougherty

Preds get proven scorer with term, who has struggled a bit this year, and wings get speedy winger Aberg who can fit in top 9, a 1st, and decent shutdown d prospect.

12 Feb 2018 15:25:37
This is the type of deal that would get Pacioretty. Not Tatr who's at most top 6 mediocre winger. Big no from Nash.

12 Feb 2018 16:45:48
Agree with colt, package could get better player.

13 Feb 2018 03:54:20
I'm guessing they were scouting Green. Sub Tatar for Green, take away Aberg.

10 Feb 2018 23:46:32
Deadline deals

Detroit trades
Toronto trades
Soshikov and 2nd in 2018

NYR trades
Winnipeg trades
Petan and 3rd in 2018

Arizona trade
Tampa Bay trade
2nd in 2018 and 2019

Toronto trade
Martin retain 25%
Arizona trade
7th in 2018

Vancouver trade
Toronto trade
Bracco and Niellson

11 Feb 2018 04:38:36
Some not bad. Don’t see why arizona would pay to get Matt martin, even at 25% retained. I’d do the soshnikov one for sure, but think there might be a better offer for green. Also I think Nielsen and Bracco is an overpayment for sure for Gudbranson. I’d say that’s a bettter package than Sosh and a 2nd but green is far better than Gud. Also don’t need 2 RHD coming in.

11 Feb 2018 04:53:50
In my opinion nash could get a better return, but the rest sound close.

11 Feb 2018 14:08:37
Even though that’s probably Greens value, I’m certain Detroit will get more for Green

I would assume any package involving Nash will have a 1st round pick coming back to the Rangers

Hjalmarsson was had for far less last season and hasn’t played nearly as well this year. However given the history of past deadlines, this one seems pretty likely.

If Toronto found a way to not retain salary on a $7M Phaneuf, I’m sure they can find a way to trade $2.5 without retention. I also don’t think the Leafs would punish Martin by sending him to the desert. Although he’s overpaid, he’s done nothing but treat the Leafs with respect and has provided them valuable leadership in the past couple seasons. For that reason I see the Leafs trying to find a much better home for him rather than Arizona.

No chance Toronto makes that trade. Gudbranson is just a younger version of Polak and he makes 3.5M per year. I wouldn’t trade anything more than a 4th round pick for him. Plenty other options available.

11 Feb 2018 21:52:37
Terrible offer. Why would Toronto trade Martin for a 7th and over payment for green. Sosh is a real Player and a keeper to replace Komorov. Hope the Leafs stand pat. Next season is the one.

10 Feb 2018 22:19:08
Saw this Today....

To Islanders

To Detroit
2018 1st
2018 2nd

11 Feb 2018 02:00:23
No from Isles. Big overpayment imo.

09 Feb 2018 08:29:56
What is Mike Greens value at the deadline?
Would this come close?

DET: 1st, 4th, Sustr, 3rd 2019 (if he resigns)
TBL: Green

Idk probaly even more at this years asking prices...

09 Feb 2018 14:15:01
No one knows the value of anyone till the first rental or two get moved to set the bar. Teams can ask whatever they want, but till someone pays that price, it’s not his value.

09 Feb 2018 20:17:16
I would imagine this proposal would atleast get the redwings attention.

10 Feb 2018 09:06:23
Sustr, 2nd and 3rd should do it, I would be hesitant offering a 1st.

04 Feb 2018 16:48:21
Toronto trades Josh leivo and a 2 round pick to Detroit for Mike green

04 Feb 2018 18:07:48
Could imagine this is close but can see Detroit wanting a 1st for green.

26 Jan 2018 17:51:20
If blues are thinking this is their year:

Blues: Kyrou
Wings: Nyquist

Gives blues that extra depth by adding in a top 6 forward, and blues have plenty of good prospects still in the pipeline, ones better than Kyrou imo as well.
Wings get a solid prospect and helps out with this cap situation.
I believe blues have the cap to take on Nyquist? For this year and the next.

26 Jan 2018 18:30:05
Why would blues trade top ohl prospet for nyquist. They don't evendors want to trade him for Hoffman or patches. I as a fan of both teams would love kyrou on Detroit but my boys here in stl would have my head for suggesting that. Solid no.

26 Jan 2018 18:31:45
I would like to get one of schmaltz or Walman. They even got a kid named David noel. We need better dmen.

26 Jan 2018 20:04:19
No Kyrou is the next Paul Kariya. Why would Blues trade Kariya for nuquist. Makes no sense.

26 Jan 2018 20:46:17
Yeah for sure you can say a 20 year old that still has to make the jump to pro will be as good as a hall of famer, multiple time all star, PPG player for his whole career, gold medal winner, etc. that is a pretty absurd statement.

26 Jan 2018 23:14:50
Actually kyrou is 19 and colt 65 is being over dramatic. Still top prospect in ohl leads with most points with 9 less games than guy in 2nd for points +2ppg% right now.

26 Jan 2018 23:16:54
I wouldn't do the trade either Colt. , but to compare him to Kariya is unfair.

25 Jan 2018 18:45:49
To la kings: vanek
To vancouver: spencer watson, paul ladue and 3 round pick 2019


To la kings: green
To detroit: forbot, shore, prokhorkin and 2 round pick 2018


25 Jan 2018 19:12:08
I forgot 2 mil retained for green.

25 Jan 2018 20:58:54
I think we really want a first or 2 seconds for green not spare parts.

25 Jan 2018 21:48:21
Vanek on past for 65 points he'll get better offers.

25 Jan 2018 21:49:22
Also people are saying he didn't play well in mtl in the playoff in 17 games he had 5a and 5a its pretty good.

25 Jan 2018 21:59:04
BrockSolid. he really didn't play well for the Habs in those playoffs. I think a moat of those points were in games that were already over from what I remember, he got them, whrn it easier 4-1 or 4-0. during lopsided games.
When the game was tight and ya needed him to he your go to guy. he was no where to he seen.

I think Vanek is / Was and exceptional talent. and would help any team. I think he is more suited as a secondary guy. Him and Crosby could be lethal. In Montreal, he was counted on to be the main man. so maybe not fair.

24 Jan 2018 14:40:51
Oliver Kylington + Matt Stajan + 4th 2019 for Rick Nash

Nash will probably move on from the NYR organization this offseason and it's better to get something for him than nothing. I would say they should keep him from the playoffs but reportedly they have made McDonagh and Kreider avialable so I don't think they are planning on making a cup run.

Calgary gets their middle six winger with lots of playoff experience and only have his terrible contract for half a season. They can then resign him if they want.

This was a similar return to what Detroit got for a rental Vanek last year.

24 Jan 2018 15:33:06
Don’t see how that helps NYR in a tight division. If that’s the return, I assume they will use Nash like their own rental and negotiate to keep him after if they want.

24 Jan 2018 15:42:58
Not enough for Nash. Stajen basically has negative value.

24 Jan 2018 15:56:01
Right now Nash doesn’t have a ton of value at 7.8 million so if they trade him the have to take cap back. Stajan isn’t that much. NYR save 4.8 mil and lost Stajan day the end of the year. Also this deal would only take place if the Rangers are truly not trying to compete this year. I just thought of this with all the reports of them exploring trade options for their current stars.

24 Jan 2018 20:22:29
Flames take it. I wish the Rangers would.

20 Jan 2018 22:48:48
To Winnipeg - JVR and Carrick/Polak

To Toronto - Myers

Why? For Winnipeg. Getting JVR would allow them to put Perrault where he seems to play better on the 3rd line and they can put JVR with Little and Ehlers who can play both wings.

For Toronto. Put Myers with Gardiner on 2nd pairing. Have Dermott and Polak or Carrick on the 3rd pairing until Zaitsev is back.

21 Jan 2018 00:37:18
No from Winnipeg.

21 Jan 2018 01:18:38
No chance the Jets give up Myers for a rental that would play on the 3rd or 4th line.

21 Jan 2018 02:41:26
Winnipeg won't be giving up Myers for a rental.

21 Jan 2018 16:31:25
Jets wouldn’t do it but JVR would not be a 3rd or 4th liner lol.

21 Jan 2018 17:14:06
Thats funny because 2 months ago people were wanting Myers traded for a bag of pucks. And JVR would be playing 2nd line.

21 Jan 2018 18:29:36
JVR has been playing 3rd line a lot this year tho. Third line now is JVR-Bozak-Brown.
With Schiffle out and wheeler over to center jvr would be in the top six in Winnipeg, yes.
Tough decision when Schiffle comes back as their top six has been just fine. Wheeler Schiffle Conner liane little Ehlers. They all have great chemistry I'm not sure I would bump any of them for jvr.

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