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11 Dec 2018 13:18:58
Blues: Tarasenko

Dallas: Faksa, Lindell, Honka, Nichuskin rights, 1rd 2019, Radulov @1.5 million retain

11 Dec 2018 14:27:20
Um no. That's awefu l. How bout this

Sundqvuist, Sandford, walman 2022 2nd and toropchenko



Get 're done boom boom.

11 Dec 2018 15:10:43
The gap between Radulov and Senko is probably a 1st. What even is this?

11 Dec 2018 15:18:56
yeah sorry but radulov is 32 that's 6 years older thank tarasenko. No thanks. This deal is crap. /.

11 Dec 2018 15:50:43
Tha gap between Radulov and Tarasenko is definitely not a 1st lol.

11 Dec 2018 19:08:14
The gap between Radulov and Tarasenko is not all of that, Lindell is a #3d, Honka is still a decent prospect, and Faksa is a solid 3C. Sundqvist sucks in comp to Faksa, if your offering something it would be:

Edmundson, Walman, Barbashev, Bozak, 1st and Schwartz for Seguin.

11 Dec 2018 19:49:51
yeah i am sorry but schwartz, edmondson and a 1st would cover seguin.

11 Dec 2018 20:19:10
Colt, you are valuing Tarasenko, Parayko and Pietrangelo all higher than Seguin who is the best of the bunch.

11 Dec 2018 21:23:31
exactly, so radulov, lindell and the 1st covers senko?

11 Dec 2018 22:17:27
Yeah no.

25 Nov 2018 03:15:13
Oil: Benning

Dallas: Faksa

Saw in article.

25 Nov 2018 03:55:10
Easy no from stars. When a leaf fan on here posted about faksa in a Nylander deal we were told by the all mighty yupp that he was 7th in selke voting and is better defensively at his age than kopitar and Bergeron were lol oilers going to just pluck him out of Texas for a 6th Dman? Of course they will because Chiarelli robs everyone in trades, right? lol 😂.

25 Nov 2018 04:07:16
Wasn't in vbb who was pumping faksa's tires? Idk I could be wrong.

25 Nov 2018 05:01:57
No vbb posted it. Yupp filled is in on his selke pedigree and then vbb was doing his over the top exaggerating of how good he was everytime his name came up mocking yupps love for him. Yupper there was the one saying he wouldn’t be included in a Nylander deal because he’s on the track of Bergeron and kopitar defensively 😂 😂 but now oilers can get him for scraps.

25 Nov 2018 05:07:41
I was the one hyping Faksa. Lol. Vbb was the one telling me how much Faksa sucked.

I would still trade Kadri for Faksa +. We need a good defensive minded player on the team, and Faksa is damn good. A very adequate replacement for Kadri. Plus whatever the pick/ prospect comes with him.

25 Nov 2018 15:24:55
Wtf Shadow, You're now told by your own fans you're wrong. I've never said anything about Faksa before. I don't know anything about him.
But there is an article out there suggesting Stars may be interested in Benning and that adding a 3rd might get Faksa. Just an article written by someone else. Relax bud. It's not McJesus words no need to be so upset. He even said "read in an article"

25 Nov 2018 15:44:57
Your bad memory on a lot of stories is causing you to spin it to how you want to hear it just to try and trash me. Even make posts just to try and trash me. Move along already man, Stop shadowing me so much. Pretty annoying to everyone don't you think? Doesn't it get old being a little child and being triggered by anything I say you have to constantly whine and argue? Move on already man!

25 Nov 2018 16:15:31
@leafsGM, the problem with trading Kadri is in the first 10 games he was playing 3rd line and had 1g 4a. Matthews got hurt, he scores 6 goals in his next 7 games and adds 4 assists since. If you trade Kadri, and something goes wrong with JT or Matthews, that great centre depth we have is gone. Faksa might be really good defensively, but he’s not going to pick up one of those 2 guys offense. If you could get him another way, maybe. But not at the expense of a better Centreman.

25 Nov 2018 18:04:13
I'd keep Kadri.

25 Nov 2018 21:05:29
I would think that faksa being a 3rd line defencsive center would have more value than a bottom pairing depth defenceman. Oilers say no.

26 Nov 2018 04:39:25

No doubt losing Kadri’s offense would be a kick in the shins. Kadri is more like a 2C or even a 1C in most teams. He’s had his best years playing the 2C, and again this year, as you pointed out, playing his best only after Matthews is out and Kadri gets to show what he can do.

On Leafs when he is playing 3C, Kadri is being misused. Babcock didn’t promote Aaltonen last year because he thought he was too offensive for the 3C spot. Trying to roll three scoring lines could work if Nylander was in lineups. Right now Kadri is back to being shutdown guy. Faksa is better suited to a 3C position.

Just my thoughts anyway.

26 Nov 2018 12:36:35
Not addressing that you were wrong here must hopefully mean you're just going to move on now Shadow. I'm looking forward to some civil hockey talk with you in the near future as in sure everyone else would.

26 Nov 2018 14:55:49
I was away for a cpl days, not ignoring it. I was positive it was you. If not, my bad. Regardless, a bottom pairing Dman does not get you a young 3rd line centre with that kind of defensive game.

26 Nov 2018 15:23:01
@LeafsGM I get what you’re saying. I would just rather have Kadri misused as a 3rd centre and be there in case AM or JT get hurt than trade him and be one injury away from turning a contender into a team whose 2nd best centre is Radek Faksa. For this year atleast, when salary cap isn’t an issue, I’d rather guys be over-qualified for their position than not. Down the road if we need cap relief, Kadri at $4.5 mill should be a very easy trade.

20 Nov 2018 00:02:11
Dallas Trades: Gemel Smith [C - 0.720 Million x 1 Year] + Jason Robertson [RW - 0.825 Million x 3 Years] + 2020 2nd Round Draft Selection.
NY Rangers Trade: Mats Zuccarello [LW - 4.500 Million x 1 Year] + Fredrik Claesson [D - 0.700 Million x 1 Year].

If Dallas is serious about competing, they acquire one of the top UFA's on the market to shore up their depth. Robertson is a solid prospect, drafted 39th overall and is more than PPG for three years in the OHL, and a second is always good, so there is good value going towards NY. Gemel Smith is also young enough to become a 3rd/ 4th liner on a revamping NY team. [Would be a deadline move imo]

Dallas [Healthy] Lineup:
Jamie Benn - Tyler Seguin - Alex Radulov
Mats Zuccarello - Jason Spezza - Matias Janmark
Jason Dickinson - Radek Faksa - Valeri Nichuskin
Tyler Pitlick - Martin Hanzal - Blake Comeau

Miro Heiskanen - John Klingberg
Esa Lindell - Stephen Johns
Connor Carrick - Julius Honka.

20 Nov 2018 12:14:45
i'd do it from new york perspective, i'm sure they'd want a 1st in the package but the 2nd isn't bad considering they are getting 2 prospects.

18 Nov 2018 00:52:57
Mtl: Sherback

Isles: Dal Colle

Sherback is actually more nhl proven then Dal Colle but neither player has really break threw at mhl leve yet. Need change of scenery

18 Nov 2018 02:37:38
Rather keep Sherbac, I don't think DalColle is ever going to pan out. future for him is KHL. might be Sherbac as well, I think there is a little more hope for him still .

18 Nov 2018 23:48:52
Couple good candidates in need of a change of scenery for sure. Neither one is doing much for their current team, and it would be in both teams best interest to consider moving these guys while they can still get a return. DalColle looking pretty good in AHL this year. Maybe he can bring his A-game to Montreal?

19 Nov 2018 15:28:00
What has sherbak done to warrant being anything better than a low B prospect. He was drafted in 2014 the kids a career 4th liner at this point.

19 Nov 2018 17:43:37
He hasn't done anything Mclarty, I think DalColle hasn't done anything either. I jus think if one of those 2 can still get it together, its Sherbac . But I'm not really expecting it at this point.

10 Nov 2018 17:41:01
Mtl:Suzuki,Julsen,2rd 2019 and Fleury

Dallas:Heiskanen,Spezza(Cap dump),Faska

Does Dallas considers mtl needs a star defensemen

10 Nov 2018 18:23:09
No. Dallas will not move heiskanen. That was why Karlsson wasn’t traded to Dallas, stars refused to include heiskanen. So if a team whose best players (Benn, Seguin, Radulov, Bishop) are in their late 20’s and early 30’s wouldn’t include him for a 28 year old superstar that could help them win a cup now, they won’t do it for a collection of lesser valued futures. And Faksa didn’t live up to his offensive hype but has been groomed into a very good 2 way Centre, a similar path to Kadri. He has real good value to a team that’s looking to compete for a cup too.

10 Nov 2018 20:17:28
I don't think Dallas would move Miro Boom. I think he is just what they've been wanting for a while now. Both Him and Klinberg I think are staying in Dallas for a while now IMO.

03 Nov 2018 04:05:18
Leafs trade Brown, Gardiner, 1st
Florida trades Dadonov, Pysyk

Leafs trade Nylander, Leivo
Dallas trades Dickinson, Lindell, Spezza, 1st

Marleau/ Matthews/ Kapanen
Hyman/ Tavares/ Marner
Dickinson/ Kadri/ Dadonov
Lindholm/ Spezza/ (Ennis)

Reilly/ Pysyk
Lindell/ Zaitsev
Dermott/ Hainsey
(Sandin/ Liljegren)

03 Nov 2018 22:38:19
A big no from Florida.

03 Nov 2018 03:04:34
Philly: Simmonds


1 for 1?

Honka still had enough upside imo to garner Simonds but I wanna see if u guys think Simmonds could get more

03 Nov 2018 03:32:51
Simmonds is worth more than just Honka. Dallas only does this if they are in playoff picture come deadline. Traditionally a rental costs a pick + prospect. Stars need to add at least a 1st.

03 Nov 2018 15:20:57
Philly is loaded with D prospects.

10 Oct 2018 06:19:50
Leafs trade Nylander, 1st
Dallas trades Shore, Janmark, Tufte, Spezza

Marleau/ Matthews/ Kapanen
Hyman/ Tavares/ Marner
Shore/ Kadri/ Janmark
Johnsson/ Spezza/ Brown
*Leivo, Lindholm, Ennis

Shore and Janmark combined give us Nylander’s goal/ point totals. Tufte is a highly rated prospect expected to play NHL next year, and I really like his size. Spezza is cap dump to make the salary work.

Nylander = Shore + Janmark
1st = Tufte
Spezza = Cap Dump

The Kadri line has looked pretty bad so far this year. This gives 3rd line a makeover. Maybe new partners will light a fire under Kadri’s ass and get him going. These guys are all good players, and cheap. Cap issues shouldn’t be a problem next year anymore with Nylander gone.

10 Oct 2018 11:40:27
Rather try an upgrade the d than downgrade Nylander to a collection of third liners. Plus we throw in a first? Nah, imo.

10 Oct 2018 12:44:57
So Nylander and a 1st for Spezza and 3 AHL players sounds great where do I sign? The 1st has more value then that whole Package. Tufte= bust very underwhelming statistically look up his stat line. I guarantee Shore does not come close to making the leafs line up. Kadri and Bozak combined = McDavids statistically is that must mean the oilers make that trade right?

10 Oct 2018 14:46:25
Depth is what wins cups. And this trade brings in extra depth. Tufte’s stats have gotten better since he was drafted, not worse. My understanding is he could be playing NHL already, but went back to school one more year to complete his education. Nylander’s value is dropping by the day as it is becoming more and more obvious he was beneficiary of playing with Matthews, not the other way around. It’s also a cost saving manoeuvre. At this point, I have a hard time seeing us getting a player of equal value in a one-for-one trade anymore and believe if Leafs trade Nylander it will be for a package of some sort. Or, as TopShelfSlappers suggests, for a defenseman. But i’ve already posted enough Nylander for defensemen trades, and just wanted to throw something else out for a change. Keep it fresh. These guys aren’t bad players at all. You guys are undervaluing them. Or overvaluing Nylander, who most definitely will never contend for a scoring title. Ha!

06 Oct 2018 05:49:45
Leafs trade Kadri, Gardiner
Dallas trades Faksa, Johns, Douglas

Leafs trade Nylander
Arizona trades Perlini, Fischer, Bahl

Marleau/ Matthews/ Fischer
Hyman/ Tavares/ Marner
Perlini/ Faksa/ Brown
Johnsson/ Lindholm/ Kapanen
*Ennis, Jooris, Leivo

Rielly/ Johns
Dermott/ Zaitsev
Hainsey/ Ozhiganov
(Sandin/ Liljegren)
(Bahl/ Rasanen)

This is mainly about adding size and improving overall team defense, while still keeping us an offensive powerhouse.

I wanted to dump Nylander on the worst team in the west I could. Arizona is perennial losers. No chance Nylander ever wins a cup there. Perlini and Fischer are already doing quite well in the NHL and should perform admirably on the Leafs. Bahl is a monster, and if both him and Rasanen make the team we got the biggest 3rd line defense in the league.

Kadri and Gardiner give Dallas more offence, while Faksa and Johns give us a better defense (which we actually do need) . Faksa is a Selke candidate. We really need a guy like that on the team. Johns is perfect replacement for Hainsey until Liljegren is ready. Douglas is the size of Godzilla.

As far as the money goes, we definitely end up saving a few bucks (I didn’t work out how much exactly) . Easily leaves us cap room to re-sign Matthews, Marner and still leave some money leftover.

06 Oct 2018 06:35:21
We could throw Arizona a second or third round pick for Bahl too I guess if it doesn’t seem like Nylander alone is worth the three incoming players.

06 Oct 2018 12:27:07
Absolutely horrendous for the leafs their is absolutely no reason to trade Kadri. Why fix something that isn’t Broken.

I personally wouldn’t trade Gardiner staight up for that Dallas offer Faska is a 4th line C and Johns is a 5th Dman on a good defense like Nashville, Vegas, Winnipeg, Carolina, Calargry, ETC.

Terrible deals.

May as well trade Marner, Mathews and Tavares for picks because there is no way Toronto makes it to the playoffs without Kadri, Gardiner and Nylander while being replaced with AHL esq players.

06 Oct 2018 14:24:56

I just checked your profile and the last trade proposal you made was on September 13. You offered Nylander for Johns plus a 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

Without doubt this has to be one of the dumbest criticisms I’ve ever seen. Coming from you, I’m not surprised. You really need to give your head a shake. I would be embarrassed to say something so stupid after having posted a far worse proposal just three weeks ago. Like what’s the matter with you man? If you want to argue the merits of a trade is fine. But you seem intent on hurling insults for no apparent reason other than to initiate conflict. Extremely childish and makes you look foolish as well. I’m starting to suspect that you don’t even know anything about hockey. Do you even know what the Selke trophy is awarded for? You realize Kadri is 3C right? Not exactly a player who is going to carry the team. Gardiner is gone end of the year. You do know he is IFA and won’t be coming back right? So we had better learn to win without him.

Your post is nonsense and you are a fool. Grow up.

06 Oct 2018 15:08:41
Well I mean the 1st has more value then Faska and Johns combined. Faska dosent have the offensive out put to be a 3rd C and what does johns bring? He’s a plug you put him in he does his job nothing less and nothing more. How is Kadri being a 3rd C have any relevance? Tavares was the 3rd C at the World Cup does that make him bad player? Toronto has the unique ability to role 3 “nearly” equal lines why change that? Kadri playing 3rd line dosent change the fact that he’s the leafs best shut down C and Plays against the toughest matchup while still potting 30 + goals and running the 2nd PP.

06 Oct 2018 15:25:10
I offered up our 3C and a pending UFA for Faksa and Johns. You offered up our 1LW for Johns and a couple picks. To suggest that a pick has more value than two NHL players, one of whom is a Selke candidate is ridiculous.

Tavares as 3C in World Cup team playing behind the two best centres in the world is irrelevant. It just tells us what we already know - Canada has the best hockey talent in the world on international stage. It is a meaningless comparison when trying to translate to NHL where the teams are not stacked with the greatest players a country can produce.

You’re a joke and making yourself sound worse with every response. I actually feel embarrassed for you right now because you are trying to cover your ass with explanations and only making it sound worse.

06 Oct 2018 15:43:38
I don’t know a lot about the Dallas players but Kadri’s value is a lot when you factor in his contract, point production and physicality. There is no way the leafs should move him. I used to not be a fan of Kadri because he always crossed the line and hurt the team. For the most part, he now plays on the edge of that line and every team would love to have him. Even your team habby, lol. I’d trade Nylander before Kadri in a heartbeat.

06 Oct 2018 16:25:12
Rather keep Naz. One of the better all round centres that Toronto has had. Sure his advanced stats may not be Bergeron level, but he provides physicality, grit, heart, scoring, defensive starts/ matchup and passion to this team.

I get you want to trade Naz for maximum value before his contract ends. But at the end of the day, if something is working, and the team looks good, theyd never trade him. HE BRings too many things that this team lacks, and he gives us a better chance at winning in the next three years than Faksa, or Johns do if they were here for 6.

06 Oct 2018 16:44:59
Okay You’re right Canada is amazing and Playing behind Mathews and Tavares is an embarrassment and automatically means you’re terrible. Compareing Canada’s Center depth to Toronto’s is very comparable “When scaled to the equivalencies of talent in Interrnational play compared to NHL. “ also I’d much rather have a question mark then two proven players who are nearly useless. Faska being a selke candidate is a joke he’ll never have defensive play compared to player like Bergeron and Kopitar . Get your facts straight before you respond.

06 Oct 2018 16:47:04

I didn’t like Kadri because before BAbs and along, Kadri was a diver and cheap shot. He’s cleaned his game up a lot, and maybe I still have negative feelings towards him for previous transgressions.


Well said. You make some very good points here. As always, you bring another point of view to the table that maybe was overlooked in my proposal. It’s always good to have constructive criticism from someone who knows what they are talking about.

06 Oct 2018 17:04:10

Once again, you sound foolish. Do you even do any research before commenting.

At 24 years of age, Faksa came 7th in Selke voting. At 24 years of age, Bergeron came 5th, and at 24 years of age Kopitar came 9th.

Once again, you have embarrassed yourself here.

06 Oct 2018 17:20:05
I felt the same way LeafsGM. I thought the leafs should’ve trade him after he was PPG in the shortened season. I’m glad they didn’t. When he’s playing on the edge, not crossing the line, he’s very valuable.

06 Oct 2018 19:49:22
Whenever vb has to say get your facts straight he knows he’s lost lol.

06 Oct 2018 22:46:56
You’re right LeafsGM Faska is a god how about a Mathews-Faska swap? Future selke winner just because he was voted 7th.

07 Oct 2018 14:39:15
Vbb, how many games have you watched? when does Kadri run the second PP? Because last season one PP everything went through Matthews and Nylander and the other unit everything went through Marner and usually ended up at JVR. This year Kadri doesn’t run the 2nd PP either as you suggest. He’s actually in the high slot on the first one. And I like Naz, but if you think he’s on the ice with Matthews, Tavares, Marner and Rielly and he’s the one calling the shots or controlling the play, you’re more off the rails than I thought.

05 Oct 2018 01:51:13
Julius Honka (RD - 863K x 1 Year) + Gemel Smith (C - 730K x 1 Year) to the Toronto Maple Leafs in exchange for Kasperi Kapanen (RW - 863K x 1 Year) + Martin Marincin (LD - 800K x 1 Year) + 2019 3rd Round Draft Selection.

Honka is being benched in favour of Carrick and Polak, and didn’t play extremely well in his first full season as a Star. Instead of wasting him in the press box, he can be traded to a team with a surplus of young forwards. Kappy and Honka were drafted in similar spots and their values seem to be similar. Smith for Marincin and the 3rd seems like an overpay, but the 3rd also makes up for position difference (wing vs. right defence) .

Healthy Dallas Lineup:
Benn - Seguin - Radulov
Janmark - Spezza - Nichuskin
Shore - Faksa - Kapanen
Dickinson - Hanzal - Pitlick/ Comeau
*Comeau/ Ritchie

Lindell - Klingberg
Methot - Heiskanen
Polak - Carrick

Healthy Toronto Lineup:
Marleau - Matthews - Nylander
Hyman - Tavares - Marner
Leivo - Kadri - Ennis
Johnsson - Lindholm - Brown

Rielly - Ozhiganov
Gardiner - Honka
Dermott - Zaitsev
*Hainsey, Holl.

05 Oct 2018 06:36:48
Honka has a lot of real promise when he was drafted. He seems to have fallen out of favor and isn’t getting the opportunity in Dallas. He’s not exactly a stud prospect, but may still turn out to be a useful player. Or he may just end up being an AHL lifer. If Dallas is playing Carrick ahead of Honka, that sends warning signals off. Because we basically just gave Carrick away to Dallas. And now you want to offer them Kapanen for the player Carrick was brought in to replace?

It’s a real gamble. I think Leafs should pass until we see exactly what we got in Kapanen and if Honka gets to show what he can do at NHL level.

05 Oct 2018 10:54:30
Topshelf I usually think your proposals are fair but LeafsGM makes some solid points. If Kapanen were to get traded, I think he could be packaged for a more proven defenseman. I really don’t know anything about Honka but if Carrick is ahead of him on the depth chart, enough said. Is Gemel Smith any good?

05 Oct 2018 12:37:06
Yeah, i see what both of you guys are saying, i just took in that if Carrick is replacing Honka that is troubling. I was jusy thinking that maybe he could realize his potential as a late bloomer, but it makes sense if he's stuck behind Polak/ Carrick its going to be hard to crack a lineup.

As for Gemel Smith @Leafs17, he's a tougher guy for the bottom six. He could easily plug in as a spare or play the games against the meaner teams such as Boston or the Islanders. He had 11 points last year in half a season which isn’t awful, and he's young enough to contribute. Better than Gauthier imo.

05 Oct 2018 17:34:31
I actually have gemel smiths ‘home’ and ‘away’ laundry bags and his nutrition/ stretches/ exercise and team rules binder from the Dallas stars that he got at his first pro camp. It’s funny because it’s from like 5-6 years ago and it’s probably changed again so much since then between sports science and with all the social media worries etc with these kids.

01 Oct 2018 18:36:44
Mchiliney and Pickard waived by leafs. Carrick traded to Stars for 7th (becomes 6th if he dresses 50 times)

I think Sparks getting the job over Mac Is more a Dubas call than Babcock. Babcock would want whoever is going to give him the better starts when called upon this season. Dubas is looking at long term asset management. Mac was a waiver claim and Sparks is 10 years younger, drafted and developed in house.

Carrick never separated himself from a group of Dmen including Ozhiganov, Rosen, borgman, Holl, Marincin etc and he makes $1.3 mill where most of them make $650-925k. That’s kinda the return I thought we would get. When people were suggesting 4th round picks I said that’s wishful thinking.

01 Oct 2018 19:41:00
Marincin sucks though. I don't care if Carrick makes 600k more than him. We don't needthe cap this year. i'd rather have just kept Carrick than Marincin smh. Marincin just played bad during camp and got a job. Smh.

01 Oct 2018 19:47:31
Marincin is somehow an above average Dman according to analytics. Dubas is an analytics guy. Marincin just played a big role for the championship marlies. Dubas was the marlies GM. Not sure how much all that weighed into the decision, but I agree with you that he shouldn’t be on the team. However, carrick hasn’t done anything to impress me over the last half of last season and this camp. If they felt he wasn’t going to play anyway, and sit in the pressbox, maybe it’s better for that to be Marincin. No one would take Marty and this frees up a roster spot for future moves maybe. I dunno.

01 Oct 2018 20:13:38
I’m ok with Carrick and Marincin never playing s game for the leafs again. I’ve heard that about Marincin and analytics, it sure makes me a non believer. He is an AHL defenseman at best. I’d play Borgman or Rosen ahead of him any day.

01 Oct 2018 20:45:52
@Leafs17, preaching to the choir lol which is why I’m somewhat doubtful of analytics as well. I don’t doubt that they have SOME value in assessing players, but they need to be used in moderation with some old school Eyetest evaluations. Babcock and Dubas each specialize in one of those styles, so hopefully they can accent each other and keep an open mind towards eachother and not get in a pissing contest.

01 Oct 2018 22:31:20
Carrick sucks. Marincin sucks. Leafs have a lot of defensive prospects, but outside of Liljegren and maybe Sandin, the rest of the guys are just plugs. Finding and retaining a 1RHD is going to be the most difficult task facing Leafs management to complete the roster. If we trade, it will be expensive. And drafting and developing another player will be time consuming.

We only have Tavares for seven years. That’s not actually a very big window of opportunity.

01 Oct 2018 22:57:04
A #1 RHD is obviously ideal, but pretty unrealistic both in what assets we would have to give away and where they would fit in salary cap wise. A good RHD, good in his own zone but still capable of moving a puck out would go a long way. Could acquire that without hurting the offense a ton and could probably pay one. Something similar to Adam Larson would be nice, just not at the cost of a Hart Trophy winner lol.

02 Oct 2018 11:39:18

The problem is that even a half decent RHD still costs an arm and a leg. What is forgotten in the excitement surrounding the Hall-Larsson trade is the NJ eventually had to trade Henrique for Vatanen, a very sizeable payment in and of itself.

Getting a 1RHD via trade is going to be expensive. Best Leafs can hope for is to keep getting plugs on expiring contracts for cheap, like we did with Hainsey, and maybe Faulk next year, and hope Liljegren steps up sooner rather than later.

21 Sep 2018 17:10:59
With strong play from youth at camp, JVR and Patrick's ability to play net front on the power play, and for future cap concerns, Simmonds is a viable trade option. His injuries last year reduced his trade value a bit, but conditional picks should mitigate the risk for both teams.

Dallas isn't all in but they have talent on the roster and will try to progress this season, especially with Heiskanen emerging. Spezza's $7.5MM is coming off the books, although it's partially offset by Seguin's extension. Dallas does not have glaring cap issues and is in an income tax free state.

Dallas: Simmonds ($3.975MM UFA 2019)
Philadelphia: Conditional 2019 1st*, Conditional 2019 4th**, Conditional 2020 5th***

*Top 10 lottery protected. If pick is 1-10, Dallas has the option to defer to 2020 1st (unprotected) and a 2021 3rd
** If Simmonds re-signs, the pick becomes a 2019 2nd
*** If Simmonds scores 25+ goals in 2018-2019, the pick becomes a 2020 3rd

Worst case scenario for Dallas is that Simmonds flops (which he won't) and they're out a lottery protected 1st and two low picks. If Simmonds returns to form and re-signs, the Stars get a veteran 25-30 goal scorer that can play up and down the lineup at a cost of a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

21 Sep 2018 17:31:26
Too much for simmonds, sorry but he isn’t worth any potential lottery pic. The only trade I can see happening for him is a prospect and maybe a couple 2nd/ 3rds, the only way he’s getting a first is if it’s from a team that knows they are playoff bound.

21 Sep 2018 21:54:20
Is Dallas actually pretty bad now or am I missing something? I don’t think their 1st round will be in the top 10 of next years draft unless lottery odds work in their favor (If they do miss the playoffs)

21 Sep 2018 22:59:31
Simmonds will get a 1st at the deadline and possibly more if the flyers are out of contention.

22 Sep 2018 00:32:52

They’re extremely topheavy. After their sick first line, your relying on a KHL Nichuskin, Faksa who is a better defensive forward, and a bunch of questions.

Defense is good, and is much better than before, but is not top ten in the league.

And Bishop has fallen out of league favour pretty fast, imo; is barely a top15 goalie in the league anymore.

Theyre good, i'd say they make the playoffs, but their depth has really been exposed. theyd have to rely on Minny and Chicago falling out which is likely, but i'd probably take COL over them tvh.

22 Sep 2018 14:56:01
"Too much for simmonds, sorry but he isn’t worth any potential lottery pic" I know he isn't, that's why it's Top 10 protected. The reason why 2020 would be unprotected is that teams can just roll the pick forward indefinitely if they suck for a while. Frankly, Simmonds return shouldn't be that far off from Pacioretty. Same contract situation, same age, Pacioretty has a better stat line (but not that much), Simmonds is way better in the locker room etc. Not the same, but similar.

22 Sep 2018 18:06:39
Ohhhh yeah don’t pay too much attention to Dallas.

13 Sep 2018 20:37:55
All along I said the leafs wouldn't trade Nylander but I'm taking that back now by contradicting myself and putting my bias aside with this realistic Nylander proposal.

Any Nylander deal would need to meet this Critera.

A. Western Conference team

B. Low salary coming back


Side note- apparently the Leafs were talking about Paryanko with stl but that's a pipe dream

Dallas acquires- William Nylander

Leafs acquire- Stephan Jones, 1st round 2019 and 2nd round 2020

Leafs- they'll have to move him for something. Jones could be good with Rielly.

Dallas- gets a 21 year old 1st line winger/ possible C who has potential to be a +PPG-guy

What do you guys think?

13 Sep 2018 20:52:09
What would you think about an offer sheet which gives the leafs a 1st 2nd and a 3rd?

13 Sep 2018 21:03:54
Leafs don’t need picks, although then they could trade one of their firsts for like Eberle to replace Nylander.

13 Sep 2018 21:04:06
I don't think stephan johns should be the centrepiece of a deal involving nylander. Leafs could get a much better player back then him.

13 Sep 2018 21:22:20
Don't worry buddy. We already know you over exaggerate all the time and then back peddle.
Dubas himself has said they will sign the three, Nylander, Marner and Mathews no worries tho.

13 Sep 2018 21:23:26
It’s Johns not Jones but I think leafs can get a better offer than that if they are trading away Nylander.

13 Sep 2018 21:33:24
You’d think they would get an better offer but the Leafs don’t have any leverage whatsoever so if a underwhelming deal like this occurs I will not be suprised and I won’t be disappointed in Dubas or any of the Leafs management.

Just a little FYI to everyone stars never get fair value.

13 Sep 2018 22:07:52
Guys enough about Nylander.

Can we get back to making fun of Rambo for how wrong he was (again) about Karlsson?

13 Sep 2018 22:27:39
@Habby I would rather see the leafs match it.

13 Sep 2018 22:35:55
Nylander is not a star yet. But that being said he should get fair value in a trade. karllson pacioretty skinner etc are all in different situation and point of there careers then nylander. Nylander is an Rfa which means he be under the control of the team that gets him. They could decide which contract route they wanted to go. Plus he's still developing and will most likely get better over the next few years. The star players who you were referring to are already in or maybe even slightest past there prime.

13 Sep 2018 22:37:57
Vbbb what about if it was montreal doing the offer sheet?

13 Sep 2018 23:22:29
Why do you think leafs don’t have any leverage?! Lol they own his NHL rights till he’s 27. He’s 21. He needs them far more than they need him they have plenty of capable, albeit not as good as him, wingers who would kiss ass for a chance to play with Matthews and pad their stats.

He doesn’t have another NHL team to play for unless leafs allow him to. His rights are very restricted, hence him being called a Restricted Free Agent lol. If he is demanding a contract that throws the pay scale of this roster out of whack, then I’m fine with seeing what type of a Dman they could get for him. But when the answer comes back and it’s Stephen Johns, I’m going a different route lol

This $8mill ask could be him starting really high because leafs went low. Or it could be just BS since it’s apparently from an unnamed western conference executive. Pasternak is a close comparison in age, position, draft and has better production so far. He’s $6.67mill. Monaghan, gaudreau, Scheifele, mackinnon, Larkin, Ehlers all got between $6 and $6.7 mill off their entry level deal. He’s in the middle of that pack at best. Those deals are all a year or 2 old so give him the benefit of the added cap increase and he’s a $6.5-6.75 player. I will bet he signs in Toronto in the next week to 10 days for about $6.5 mill.

13 Sep 2018 23:40:12
Toronto dosent have much leverage because if he holds out and dosent sign when the season starts his value drops drastically.

13 Sep 2018 23:41:35
And in that case I wouldn’t match Montreal’s pick could be a huge payoff. + leafs can’t afford the money the leafs would give up.

13 Sep 2018 23:58:32
From what I read he has the same agent as Gaudreau who also held out as long as possible and the agent is known for this. I guess Nylander’s dad is involved in the negotiations and he was known for holding out as well. He is obviously not as good as Pastrnak and Kucherov, so if he wants to play hardball, trade him. Won’t they just settle on a bridge deal?

14 Sep 2018 00:12:13
Yeah I think he resigns too.

14 Sep 2018 02:55:34
Leafs17, you’re right. The agent is the same one that he gaudreau moss allnof camp and he still got $6.75 mill. His original ask was $8mill aswell. He also represented Saad with Chicago and they got tired of the demands and traded him. They went and got him back wth the big salary a year later, but it just shows that there’s still multiple possible outcomes. But again, I bet he signs. Most likely 6-8 years at $6.5 mill. Possibly 2-3 years at $5 mill or so like kucherov did and then hope to cash in for $8 mill after.

14 Sep 2018 20:11:37
Also it’s easy to sit out during camp. I’m sure he’s missing being a part of camp and seeing the guys etc already. But he can hold out and miss pre-season games, you don’t get paid for them. But once the season starts, at $6.5mill salary that I believe is close to the offer, he loses out on $80,000 a game. That money, even if he signs the next morning, is gone forever. So missing 15 games is almost $1.25mill. If money is your issue, it’s pretty foolish to burn that off the start. That’s why I don’t believe camp finishes before Nylander signs.

15 Sep 2018 05:45:34
Dubas sounded confident that he will sign the big three. Starting to wonder now. Maybe willie changed his mind i see no other reason. Willy should be signed by now there must be more to it.

15 Sep 2018 17:00:18
I can see Nylanders problem with it. It’s great to have 3 young stars, try to keep them all and ask them all to buy in and take a little less.

But if you’re the first guy up, you’re in a hard spot. If he feels he’s worth $7.25-7.5 but is asked to take $6-6.5 and does it for the good of the team, how would he feel if next year marner and Matthews don’t take the discount and go for $9.5 and $13 mill. He looks like a fool for 6 or 7 years. Maybe the plan was to have all 3 buy in and sign extensions this summer and the other 2 want to play out their last year, forcing Nylander to look after himself first.

15 Sep 2018 21:17:21
I'm willing to bet at least 95% of the time players don't even consider taking less money just to keep a group of players together. i think it might happen occasionally in sports with older guys who have seen 1 st hand how hard it is to win a championship. But very very rarely. Also I wouldn't be suprised if dubas has even talked to nylander about a new contract almost all tines these discussions involve management and the players agent. And almost every time the agent is trying to get the highest contract possible. I can't say for sure because I don't know for sure what's going on but I'm willing to bet if leafs management and nylander had sat down together without an agent involved there would be a contract signed by now.

12 Sep 2018 22:10:05
Dallas: Karlsson (signed long term)

Ottawa: Heiskanen, Oettinger, 1st rounder,

12 Sep 2018 23:26:23
Long term idk if that’s even enough 🤷🏼‍♂️.

10 Sep 2018 12:21:29
Mathieu Perreault (C - 4.15 Million x 3 Years) + Marko Dano (RW - 0.80 Million x 1 Year) to the Arizona Coyotes in exchange for Lawson Crouse (LW - 0.85 Million x 1 Year) + Laurent Dauphin (C - 0.70 Million x 1 Year) + 2019 3rd Round Draft Selection.

- Winnipeg trades away 4 million in cap space, and although Perreault is a good 40 point man, for 4 million as a 3C with Adam Lowry and a top heavy team, he seems like an accessory. In order to resign Laine/ Trouba/ Myers, etc. the Jets will need to shed cap. Crouse hasn’t developed as expected, but he's a top10 pick from only 3 years ago - could become a decent 3rd Liner for WPG at cheap. Perreault may be able to get more, but teams may see WPG as needy for cap space, and valuations for guys like him may lower.
- Arizona acquires a really good 3C who can move up the lineup, as the total transition on the team continues. Unlike WPG, ARZ is more of an offence by committee, and can afford to have a higher cap player lower in the lineup. Crouse may hurt as a loss, but with many younger stars, Crouse, who hasn't fully developed, may be a viable trade piece.

Arizona Lineup:

Clayton Keller - Derek Stepan - Christian Dvorak
Mathieu Perreault - Alex Galchenyuk - Richard Panik
Brendan Perlini - Dylan Strome - Michael Grabner
Vinnie Hinostroza - Brad Richardson - Christian Fischer
(Marko Dano, Nick Cousins)

Oliver Ekman-Larsson - Jason Demers
Niklas Hjalmarsson- Jakob Chychuryn
Alex Goligoski - Jordan Oesterle
(Kevin Connauton)

Winnipeg Lineup:

Kyle Connor - Mark Schiefele - Blake Wheeler
Nikolaj Ehlers - Bryan Little - Patrik Laine
Lawson Crouse - Adam Lowry - Jack Roslovic
Brandon Tanev - Laurent Dauphin - Andrew Copp
(Nic Petan, Mason Appleton)

Ben Chiarot - Dustin Byfuglien
Josh Morrissey - Jacob Trouba
Dmitry Kulikov - Tyler Myers
(Sami Niku)

10 Sep 2018 15:45:28
Winnipeg would say no. This trade makes them worse this year and they don't need to move Perreault this year. Next year might be a different story.

10 Sep 2018 16:56:32
I believe that both Crouse and Dauphin would have a hard time making the Jets as they have Petan, Appleton, Vesalainen and Lemieux fighting for spots on the team. However I do think Crouse could be a good addition if he was the type of player that would use his size on the 4th line, but Perreault is one of Maurices favorites. Interesting trade though.

11 Sep 2018 14:22:06
I personally would do this trade, it would be hard for me to let Dano go as he is still a fairly young piece with some potential though. as joe said it would make jets worse this year and they only need the cap next year if they did a trade. Island also made a valid point of crouse and dauphin potentially not being able to make the team with other players fighting for spots.
I do like your explanations for why each sides to this, but maybe add a prospect or pick from jets as arizona is taking on all the extra salary?

11 Sep 2018 16:10:46
@pkane, how do you agree with both jets fans that jets shouldn’t make this trade as it is presented and then end by saying “jets add a prospect or pick”?! If you think it doesn’t make sense for Winnipeg as it sits, why would them adding more valuable pieces make it better?

11 Sep 2018 18:50:36
Pkane on some whack stuff.

12 Sep 2018 09:20:55
what i was saying was from a jets point of view i would do it, from arizona point of view i'd want something extra for taking on the extra salary.

23 Sep 2018 00:13:42
im a wpg jets fan who lives in winnipeg 6 blocks from the rink accross the street from laine's. he plays hockey with all the kids mine included.

1. dano is a center and the forth on copper lowry tanev line all puck hogs were not trading any of them

2. mp 85 that's his tag here nope not going anywhere just yet like u said to easy to play anywhere in line up

3. most of the jets are signing team freindly long term contracts
the has been built 1 player at a time by drafting them

4. just because you believe these trades are posted is because everyone wants a part of them. wake up we loaded see is win a cup or 2 then we will take trade.

09 Sep 2018 00:54:34
Max Pacioretty LW
Karl Alzner D
2nd 2020

Tyler Seguin C
Jason Spezza C

Shea Weber D
Andrew Shaw C
2nd 2019

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins C
Milan Lucic LW
1st 2020

09 Sep 2018 05:20:56
Where to start. Seguin>>patches, he’s younger puts up more points and centerman have more value than wingers and Spezza has one more year compared to Alzner s 4 of bad contract so that makes zero sense for Dallas. 2nd trade Webber tho still very good is aging and declining and another what, years left on his deal for a young 2nd line centerman with a decent contract and Shaw who is younger and cheaper for Lucic And oilers add the first? Wow, you’re not a Habs fan are ya?

09 Sep 2018 06:23:02
Uh no from oil.

09 Sep 2018 14:07:35
Oilers should take that and run they’re dumping Lucic a below average 4th liner being paid 6 million a year. Nuge and the 1st are good but Weber is one of the best dman in the NHL still and is on a criminally underrated contract. 7.8 million is a steal for a #1 dman and the acquiring team can trade him back to Nashville for a boat load so they avoid cap recaptures in the final 3 years when his front loaded salary falls down to 1 million.

09 Sep 2018 16:46:42
So what does Lucic have to do this season for you to eat your words vbb?
Because he is certainly now a "below average 4th liner" or an "AHL player" as you've called him before. You're just spewing hate is all. I'm not at all praising the guy or anything, don't put words in my mouth now.
Simply saying that you're crazy over exaggerating as usual.

09 Sep 2018 18:20:40
Do something other then hold McDavid back at 2 million Lucic would be a good signing but 6 million is horrendous.

09 Sep 2018 18:48:36
Ok. So are you back peddling now?
You say he's an "AHL player" and a "below average 4th liner"

09 Sep 2018 20:40:27
@VBB If he were a “below average 4th line” or “AHL player” he wouldn’t be a good signing at $2 mill lol so somethings wrong with your assessment

for $3-3.5 mill to play on someone’s 3rd line and provide physicality and maybe a net from presence on a PP he would be good. At $6 mill he is either an extremely overpaid 3rd liner or you’re forced to play him as a top line player which he just isn’t.

IMO if teams are still prepared to pay Leo Komarov $3 mill on a 4 year term (I like Leo but am so glad we aren’t the ones giving him that), then there’s definitely a place for Lucic. But with his current contract, he’s next to worthless on the trade market unfortunately.

09 Sep 2018 22:19:52
Lucic to Leo komarov is a good comparison both are pretty worthless aside from a slight 3rd line scoring capability and a intemdation prseance. Lucic would not crack the leafs roster there for he’d be an AHLer and if he did make the leafs Roster on LW Andreas Johanson, Hyman And Kappanen would be ahead of him as a LW. As RW Marner, Nylander, Grundstrom and Brown would be ahead of him on the depth chart. Obviously on most teams he’s not a AHL player but nothing more then a 3rd liner.

10 Sep 2018 01:24:29
Wow finally something I can agree on, Lucic no longer is a top 6 player imo but as a third liner he can still contribute well. Or he bounces back to 45-50 point player which I’m hoping he does if he sticks top 6 this year.

10 Sep 2018 06:25:05
Well Patches is a GoldenKnight now.

04 Sep 2018 21:46:37
Mtl: pacioretty

Dal: hanzal-lindell

05 Sep 2018 04:34:31
Can it just be Lindell?

05 Sep 2018 04:50:26
Lindel is extremely underrated the cap dump is definitely called for in that situation doubt the Stars part with him. He’s pretty much locked beside Klingburg.

03 Sep 2018 17:16:27
At the deadline

DAL: Seguin
WPG: 1st Round Pick 2019, Petan, Nogier


OTT: Duschene
WPG: 1st Round Pick 2019, Comrie

03 Sep 2018 18:47:19
Bruh first of all you’re a homer if you think either of those trades will work and have you heard of salary cap before.

03 Sep 2018 19:03:53
The Jets would do neither trade as signing these two players after this season would be very hard as Winnipeg have Wheeler, Trouba, Connor, Laine, Myers, Tanev and Charoit to re-sign next season. There is only so much money available and both Seguin and Duchene would want way too much $ and that would put the Jets in cap troubles. The Jets trade would be giving up way too much of their future for what would be rental players.

03 Sep 2018 19:47:30
To much of their future for seguin/ duchene. Really are you joking. A late first plus petan who is a bust and nogier who was injured most of last year. Or Comrie who will at most be the backup for the next few years and I'm still not completely sold on him.
Ottawa and Dallas say no.

03 Sep 2018 20:22:13
Islandjet I’m not going to be rude here but jets are literally giving up essentially nothing in either trade and the only “future” is the 1st round pick. If jets could actually acquire either player at this cost and they don't make that trade then I’ll be lost for words. Adding one of those players can improve their cup chances drastically and the fact you wouldn’t make this trade blows my mind.

03 Sep 2018 21:20:15
AJO1 I have to give you props for having the guts to post trade proposals knowing that most likely you won't have anyone think that they are fair trades. Good for you on doing it.

04 Sep 2018 02:41:09
A late first and b-c prospects for top line players and jets say no?! Lol insane.

04 Sep 2018 03:48:58
DUCHENE . its really not that hard to spell .

04 Sep 2018 03:57:54
How does it take guts to post a dumb trade lol.

02 Sep 2018 20:56:21
DAL: Panarin, Bobrovsky
CBJ: Seguin, Bishop.

02 Sep 2018 23:10:58
If Panarin and Seguin are pretty Close.
Goalie Bob is still much much better than bishop.
CLB says no.

03 Sep 2018 05:41:28
C>>W I’d say this isn’t bad but no from Dallas as Hanzel would become their 1C. Paniran would be their 2nd line LW.

04 Sep 2018 15:14:00
Centers are worth more then winters.

31 Aug 2018 05:11:02
to Montreal

to Dallas

Dallas can afford to get rid of spezza as they have 4 capable centers (Seguin, Faksa, Hanzal and Smith) and could call up someone like Jason Dickinson as an extra center. Pacioretty would replace Shore as a wing upgrade, and the 2nd makes the value add up.

plus dallas should sign rick nash to play with pacioretty on the second line.

31 Aug 2018 15:06:50
Habs don't need anything in that package.

31 Aug 2018 15:35:28
Doesn’t help habs with a rebuild really. Obviously a 2nd isn’t useless in a build, but they need to win a paccioretty trade because there other 2 best players are a lot harder to trade.

31 Aug 2018 20:16:30
Why don’t Montreal throw in gallagher and Kotkaniemi while their at it? Maybe their next 10 firsts as well since clearly none of their players hold any value if that’s all you think Paches is worth.

31 Aug 2018 23:27:37
looks fair to me.

01 Sep 2018 02:35:56
pacioretty WILL leave as a free agent and is coming off the worse season he's had in a long time. plus I feel like people forget what a 2nd rounder can be worth sometimes. His value isn't that high and habs fans that think differently are setting themselves up to be mad at bergevin for getting a poor return when they should be mad at bergevin for not trading him sooner.

01 Sep 2018 08:57:40
If Spezza though media pressure in Ottawa was bad.

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