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20 Jul 2018 14:34:05
Rumor has it Seguin wants to go to a Canadian team. how bout.

Ott : Karlsson, Ryan, Anderson

Dallas : Seguin, spezza, bishop

Ottawa unloads Ryan for a bigger contract worst player with less term in spezza while picking up a goalie to replace andy.

20 Jul 2018 15:35:53
Don’t see how this makes Dallas any better. Karlson would up grade there d no question but then there offence takes a huge hit losing seguin for Ryan and goaltending they get worse to.

20 Jul 2018 15:39:13
This is better for Ottawa when it comes to filling needs. All Dallas would have at forward would be Benn and Radulov really.

20 Jul 2018 15:51:37
Are you sure he didn’t say any Canadian team other than Ottawa?

20 Jul 2018 15:55:52
Lol. Dallas laughs.

20 Jul 2018 16:09:56
I guess Hanzel would be the 1c 🤔 Spezza is Franchise corner piece compared to Ryan. Anybody sain would want spezza.

20 Jul 2018 16:11:20
They would take a hit offensively but it wouldn't be a huge one really.

Ryan puts up 0.53 + points per game with the exception of 2 seasons ago where he was having major health issues, his 3rd lowest points per game total was the 2013 / 2014 season where he put up 0.69 points per game.

Seguin puts up 0.88 + points per game

At the same time though.

Karlsson as a defenseman puts up 0.80 + points per game.

And jason spezza gets 0.74 points per game usually with the exception of this past year where he got 0.33 points per game a career low to be sure.

Goaltending I wouldn't say they get worst. older yes. but not worst. bishop been sortve shakey the last 2 years while Andy had 1 bad year after all that drama going on. plus Andy ìs a better playoff goalie for sure.

20 Jul 2018 17:44:18
Vbbvbb Ryan plays top 6 and still puts up respectable numbers. spezza plays 4th line and puts I
Up peanuts now. Ryan also plays at both ends while spezza is never back checking I've seen the guy play lots bu far Ryan is an upgrade on spezza there's no question on that. I wander if you even think before you type stuff like that?

Also know that benn was a center before Seguin was even in dallas, he centered eriksons line so no hanzal wouldn't be number 1 and Ryan is STILL a top 6 forward.

20 Jul 2018 18:02:08
Ho is this better for Ottawa in terms of needs? Lol

Skill for skill = number 1 center for bonafide number one defence

Bad contract swap = top 6 winger for bottom 3 center

Goalie swap = regular season performer 1/ 2 the time for playoff performer

Only thing Ottawa gets out of it is a bid contract with shorter duration. the rest look almost dead even.

20 Jul 2018 18:02:59
Ryan is top 6 on a nediocre to bad team, not a good team.

20 Jul 2018 19:09:05

20 Jul 2018 20:35:04
List of problems with this:

Seguin for Karlsson both with a year left is close. Edge goes to Karlsson but not by a ton as seguin is younger and will be able to be signed a bit cheaper. But bishop for Anderson is laughable.

Spezza has a bigger contract?! Yeah by 250k for 1 yr vs 4 yrs of Ryan lol hell no.

And Ryan puts up respectable #s and spezza is 4th line putting up peanuts?!

Over the last 3 seasons Ryan has played 205 games with 119 pts (.58 pts per game) . Spezza played 221 games with 139pts (.63pts per game)

And you say spezza only plays 4th line, so he out produces Bobby Ryan on the 4th line and you want stars to eat 3 extra years at 7.25 mill?!

And lastly spezza has a NMC. He already ran from that sh*thole once. You think he’s waiving to go back?! Lol.

20 Jul 2018 21:00:20
Personally IDK how you can call Ryan and Spezza = in terms of value

Spezza last 3 seasons
2015-2016 GP:75 G:33 P:63
2016-2017 GP:68 G:15 P:50
2017-2018 GP:78 G:8 P:26
Cap hit 7.5M Length 1Yr

Ryan last 3 seasons
2015-2016 GP:81 G:22 P:56
2016-2017 GP:62 G:13 P:25
2017-2018 GP:62 G:11 P:33
Cap hit 7.25M Length 4Yr

Ryan has produced less in 2 of the last 3 years then Spezza only 0.25M less but for an extended 3 years past Spezza.

Rambo you can't honestly think Ryan is a top 6 forward can you? Think for a second if a person was suggesting a player to be traded to Ottawa that had similar point totals and contract would you be happy and say we got a proven top 6 winger from this trade?

20 Jul 2018 21:09:32
Rambo how do you think of this trade

David Backes for Bobby Ryan.

I'm only looking for your opinion to see how you value players.

20 Jul 2018 21:51:29
Rambo proposals and facts don't mix.

20 Jul 2018 22:47:58
So if Ryan is that much better that Spezza why would you want to make the trade. It's hilarious how people can put up completely biased trades then try to justify it by saying their teams player is amazing and the other teams player coming back is crap. If their crap then why trade for them.

20 Jul 2018 23:18:54
Still waiting to see a response to how .58 pts per game is “respectable 2nd line numbers” and .63 pts per game is “peanuts for a 4th liner” lol

Rambo never let's a fact get in the way of a good story though.

21 Jul 2018 00:58:37
Just letting everyone know I meant every sain person would take Spezza over Ryan.

21 Jul 2018 18:11:44
Why make that trade yupp? Easy the 1 year left on spezza is why. if we can't flip him before his contract expires we can afford to let him walk for nothing and not miss him that's why.

I'm not arguing spezza production when playing big minutes ctc I'm saying Ryan's number are nearly as good with a huge difference being that for every goal spezza is a part of offensively he is responsible for 4 more against his team. giveaway with no backchecking hurt your team no matter how many you score. Ryan is far more responsible in that regard which is why he still plays top 6 while spezza was recently demoted to 4th line si yeah 100% coming from someone who's seen both guys play I'd take Ryan any given day of my life but it's a business and trying to dump a 1 year bad contract is better than trying to dump a 3 year bad contract.

Speaking of bad contracts jim you might want to look back at your poor research. spezza makes 8 million on a cap hit this I know for a fact as it was Ottawa that signed him and heatley to those deals.

N donscherry Ottawa is not a mediocre to bad team they just had a bad year due to a lot of different factors that I am done repeating to children. at worst they are an average to above average team that much is common sense.

22 Jul 2018 03:35:21
You're confusing common sense with delusional fantasies again bud.

08 Aug 2018 16:53:14
The Sens will say no to any deal including Spazza, do your homework. spazza demanded a trade from Ottawa.

08 Jul 2018 06:23:10
Karlsson to dallas for spezza, methot, bishop? (Nevermind) i thought i would toss something alittle different for an idea, it goes like this
Ottawa trades: karlsson, ryan, 2019 2nd and future considerations
Dallas trades: heiskanen, honka and 1st

(The immediate future consideration)
Ottawa trades: smith, paul
Dallas trades: ryan (@ 50% retention)

08 Jul 2018 08:45:00
DAL apparently won't include Heiskanen, so there goes your trade.

09 Jul 2018 00:04:10
If Dallas will include Heiskanen i think its like Tampa. One of Heiskanen/ Honka just like one of Sergachev/ Foote, but not both.

08 Jul 2018 04:01:43
Tampa Trade -
• (C) Cal Foote
• (D) Mikhail Sergachev
• (2019) 1st-Round Pick
• (RW) Ryan Callahan
• (D) Erik Karlsson

Dallas Trade -
• (D) Julias Honka
• (D) Miro Heskianen
• (2019) 1st-Round Pick
• (D) Erik Karlsson

Edmonton Trade -
• (RW) Jesse Puljujärvi
• (LW) Milan Lucic
• (D) Ethan Bear
• (2019) 1st-Round Pick
• (D) Erik Karlsson

Calgary Trade -
• (D) Travis Hamonic
• (D) Juuso Välimäki
• (2019) 1st-Round Pick
• (C) Dillon Dube
• (D) Erik Karlsson

What package would you take if you're ottawa?

08 Jul 2018 04:59:38
The Dallas one.

08 Jul 2018 08:46:05
The package TB sends is definitely better than the DAL one. Which is the reason TB sure won't send both Sergachev AND Foote.

08 Jul 2018 11:36:28
One of those offers is not like the others haha

You cheer for Edmonton by any chance?

08 Jul 2018 15:12:42
Idk triplets I think heskinenen has the ability to be much better then sergachev or foote plus dallas doesn't take back a bad contract like the other deals and I feel there is a better chance of there 1st being a bit higher then tampa.

08 Jul 2018 15:40:46
None of those teams accept besides Edmonton and Calargry.

05 Jul 2018 16:50:22
To Dal: Alex Killorn

To TB: Remi Elie, 2020 2nd

To Dal: Artemi Panarin

To CBJ: 2019 1st, Riley Tufte.

05 Jul 2018 17:35:41
No from clb And no from Dallas on the 1st Trade.

06 Jul 2018 22:44:17
Cbj want a straight up hockey trade, not wanting picks or prospects, just someone that can replace panarin which they most likely won't find.

08 Jul 2018 05:35:09
Karlssson and bobby ryan for panarin? Lol, jk.

05 Jul 2018 14:24:08
OTT: Karlsson, Smith
DAL: Heiskanen, 1st Round Pick 2019, Honka

08 Jul 2018 05:36:36
I wish! I would take that and run if i were ottawa.

08 Jul 2018 05:39:36
. but i highly doubt the stars are moving heiskanen, and if they do i highly doubt it would be with honka and a 1st attached.

04 Jul 2018 21:30:54
If I'm Pierre Dorion and Dallas is seriously interested Dallas has to include Heiskanen if he's not I'd walked there's 4-5 teams very serious about Karlsson I think this is a better trade then the one I posted a few days ago.

Ottawa: Heiskanen, Oettinger, 2019 first, rounder 2021 second rounder (Spezza for cap dump)

Dallas: Karlsson (Resigns long term)

05 Jul 2018 04:47:06
It’d be a one for 1 swap but Dallas won’t do that.

05 Jul 2018 19:42:37
Heniskanen, Ottinger, 2019 First Rounder 2021 Second Rounder is Better For The Sens IMO Ottawa Won't Want Spezza back we are trying to get ride of cap.

06 Jul 2018 11:00:03
No way that karlson for a prospect is a 1 for 1 swap I don’t care how good he is. I think ott needs to get glass from Vegas.

06 Jul 2018 11:02:02
1 for 1. vbbbvvbb you are acc so delusional. In what world is Karlsson, 2 time norris in his prime, worth Heiskanen alone (who has never played a game in the NHL)

04 Jul 2018 04:23:56
Dallas considered front runners for Karlsson(Chris Stevenson, the athletic). So

Ottawa: Erik Karlsson, Bobby Ryan(15% retention), Conditional 2019 2nd

Dallas: Jason Spezza, Miro Heiskanen, conditional 2019 1st.

Dallas gets a much needed lift to their D, and an (overpaid) scoring winger who IMO would slot in very nicely with Seguin if Jim Montgomery decides to even out the lines. The condition on the 1st is if Karlsson Resigns. Though they lose some centre depth via spezza, they still would have enough offensive firepower to be competitive.

Ottawa brings in a former star, who would likely sell a decent number of jersey's, plus gets rid of (most of) bobby ryans contract, in addition to a great d prospect and possibly a first. The condition on the 2nd is Karlsson doesn't sign.

In a years time spezzas contract comes off the books if Dorion or Melnyk wants to cut spending, or they could resign him

04 Jul 2018 04:32:37
Why would ottawa want Spezza? that's a terrible return

04 Jul 2018 04:53:52
There could be a number of reasons why Ottawa would take spezza.

1. Jersey sales, as he's an old name, and could bring a nostalgia factor to some fans
2. They don't have a 1st in case you didn't know, spezza is decent, so he could help with the team, Duchene/ Spezza is not the worst 1-2 punch up the middle
3. Dallas adding spezza gives them some cap flexibility for this season, even though they are taking on bobby ryan, so maybe they wanted to include him
4. They could possibly trade Spezza with salary retention and get a good return.

The reason that the return is underwhelming is cause Dallas is taking Ryan's horrendous contract.

04 Jul 2018 04:59:24
I like it @ Pittsburgh Finest take out ryan or the 1st tho. It’s going to be an extremely underwhelming return for the sens there fans will be dissapointed.

04 Jul 2018 12:52:50
Dallas adds more.

04 Jul 2018 13:07:32
The one thing I saw on the score was a 1st, 2nd Brett Ritchie, Julius Honka, and Remi Elie. Sold. Sign the papers. 8 x 11.5/ yr contract. Lehgo.

04 Jul 2018 20:59:29
No thanks, ottawa doesn't want that bum spezza. i'd rather have ryan tbh.

04 Jul 2018 03:26:17
Ottawa: Heiskanen, Oettinger, 2019 first rounder, 2020 second rounder

Dallas: Karlsson (resigned)

04 Jul 2018 04:33:02
Not bad.

04 Jul 2018 15:43:54
Replace Heiskanen with Honka and it’s done. You won’t be getting Miro lol.

04 Jul 2018 00:50:17
OTT: Karlsson
DAL: Klingberg, Hieskenin, 1st Round Pick 2019

04 Jul 2018 04:33:31
If I’m Dallas I don’t do that.

04 Jul 2018 16:52:38
Oh man if some Sens fans think the return will be this. You're going to be so mad when the trade actually happens.

03 Jul 2018 18:08:24
To Dal: Jeff Skinner

To Car: Devin Shore, 2019 2nd, Dillon Heatherington.

03 Jul 2018 19:16:02
Lmao oh god.

25 Jun 2018 09:00:40
If the Stars get Tavares, they can afford to move Seguin.

CBJ: Panarin (and a draft pick or two if needed)
DAL: Seguin

Move Dubinsky's terrible contract to NYR and help their rebuild

CBJ: Brandon Dubinsky's contract, Sonny Milano, 2019 2nd
NYR: Ryan Spooner

Detroit needs a goalie prospect

Foligno - Seguin - Atkinson
Spooner - Dubois - Bjorkstrand
Jenner - Wennberg - Anderson
Calvert - Sedlak - UFA winger like Chiasson

Werenski - Jones
Nutivaara - Murray.

22 Jun 2018 13:45:03
CBJ: Panarin, Milano, 2018 2nd

DAL: Seguin.

22 Jun 2018 22:20:45
To much and way to much from CBj.

18 Jun 2018 20:04:27
Stars: Honka

TBL: 2nd 2018 and koekoek

18 Jun 2018 18:08:34
Oil: 10th overall

Dallas: Honka

Seen some talk of Honka on the block (honestly idk why, but what iv seen)? And with Heiskanen coming over next year maybe they are willing to part with Honka.
Is the Value there?

18 Jun 2018 19:29:35
Honka and Kappanen are similar tier prospects wouldn’t say they are worth the 10th overall.

18 Jun 2018 23:00:33
Hmm I wonder if Dallas actually has him on the block or not then, and what they’d expect for a return.

19 Jun 2018 04:02:16
Honka + for Pulj possibly.

19 Jun 2018 12:23:52
Just stop! Oilers will value pulj as the 3rd overall, he still has the potential to be a 1st liner . honka for pulj Will never happend.

21 Jun 2018 21:43:26
Nah Dallas dosnt touch Honka for pul yet alone adding lol.

13 Jun 2018 21:21:27
Read in article:

Oil: Lucic
Dallas: Spezza

Apparently Dallas was/ is very interested in lucic and they have 17m in cap space.

14 Jun 2018 00:20:36
Hahahaha brutal for Dallas.

14 Jun 2018 03:36:59
Yeah doesn't make much sense I think Spezza only has 1 year left to.

14 Jun 2018 17:11:19
What you got to understand bro, some articles have such a lack of credibility that they’re better left ignored. The reality is, without taking back a equally terrible contract like Praise or Seabrook they’re not dumping Lucic unless they also give Pulj or the 10th. So like yup said ( who is very biased but yet the most knowledgeable oilers fan here said. ) Milian Lucic will probably be an Oiler come October 1st.

14 Jun 2018 17:28:44
Lol what is there to understand all I did was post something I saw haah doesn’t mean I agree or not 😂 but chances are lucic doesn’t get moved yup.

04 Jun 2018 06:36:45
Preds pk subban

Pit kessel

Pit letang

Canucks tanev

Canucks retain 2.5 of letang

Dallas spezza 1rd pick. Honka

04 Jun 2018 06:43:46
Tanev for Letang 😂😂😂😂 stop posting.

04 Jun 2018 16:15:13
This is really bad lol.

31 May 2018 23:47:50
Det: 1st round pick 2018 (#6)
NYI: 1st round pick 2018 (#12)+Ho-Sang+Dal Colle

Holland said he was up to trading the 6th pick for the right price. Maybe Ho-Sang and Dal Colle can become the players they were supposed to be with a new team and plus they could draft Kotkaniemi or Ty Smith. The islanders can move up and maybe draft Quinn Hughes, Wahlstrom or Boqvist in order to convince Tavares to stay . Plus they still keep the 13th pick amd maybe draft Wilde or Veleno.

01 Jun 2018 02:52:40
Holy Christ easy yes from Detroit if they are willing to take guys with potential.

30 May 2018 01:11:45
What do you guys think?

Dallas trades
C Jason Spezza (1y)
RW Brett Ritchie (1y)
D Julius Honka
2018 1st (13th)

Buffalo trades
C Ryan O'Reilly
and either Jason Pominville (1y) or
Zach Bogosian (2y)

26 May 2018 23:52:46
Buffalo Sabres Plan:

Jason Pominville (RW - 5.6 Million x 1 Year - 28.6% Salary Retention) to the Dallas Stars in exchange for 2018 3rd Round Draft Selection + 2019 5th Round Draft Selection.

2018 1st Round Draft Selection (SJS) + Johan Larsson (LW - 1.475 Million x 1 Year) + Eric Cornel (C - ELC) to the Los Angeles Kings in exchange for Tanner Pearson (3.75 Million x 3 Years) .

(Kings are probably looking to rebuild after a dismal end to 2017/ 18; Pearson looks to simply be a 40ish point guy, is expandable for a mid 1st and two young pieces) .

Zach Bogosian (D - 5.145 Million x 2 Years) to the Colorado Avalanche in exchange for Duncan Siemens (D - RFA) + 2019 3rd Round Draft Selection.

(Similar to Colin Wilson deal last year, Avs take on a meh player with a higher cap hit to upgrade their team) .

Sam Reinhart (RW) - 5.0 Million x 5 Years
Robin Lehner (G) - 4.0 Million x 3 Years
Nicolas Baptiste (RW) - 1.0 Million x 2 Years

Free Agency:
David Perron (LW) - 5.5 Million x 4 Years.
Matt Calvert (RW) - 2.5 Million x 2 Years
Petr Mrazek (G) - 2.0 Million x 2 Years [Assuming Philadelphia does not qualify]

Sam Reinhart (5.0 Million) - Jack Eichel (10.0 Million) - Tanner Pearson (3.75 Million)
David Perron (5.5 Million) - Ryan O’Rielly (7.5 Million) - Kyle Okposo (6.0 Million)
Evan Rodrigues (0.65 Million) - Casey Mittelstadt (ELC) - Alexander Nylander (ELC)
Matt Calvert (2.5 Million) - Zemgus Girgensons (1.5 Million) - Nicolas Baptiste (1.0 Million)

Rasmus Dahlin (ELC) - Rasmus Ristolainen (5.0 Million)
Jake McCabe (1.6 Million) - Nathan Beaulieu (2.4 Million)
Marco Scandella (4.0 Million) - Victor Antipin (1.0 Million)

Robin Lehner (4.0 Million)
Petr Mrazek (2.0 Million)

- Basically, strip this team of its waste pieces and form a new, faster team identity. Give Eichel a wingman like Pearson too.

27 May 2018 00:23:19
Some makes sense. Decent value on a lot of it, but 3 more years of robin lehner as the go to guy at $4mill? Teams in the league have goalies they would throw away better than him. They won’t be better till he’s upgraded.

27 May 2018 01:01:52
You don’t put a 18 year old dman on the top pair.

27 May 2018 03:45:05

True. problem is, he's an RFA, and they needa resign him, and qualifying would be for 4 million. Maybe not three years, but for sure they'll qualify. And I feel he could actually play decent with a better core in front of him.

24 May 2018 22:13:06
Pittsburgh may want to move on from letang because he’s not as good defensively as they would like and they did manage to win last years cup without him.

Pit: Letang

Van: Tanev

Then, Canucks trade letang to Dallas

Van: Letang

Dal: Spezza, Heiskanen and 2019 first (top 3 protected)

Dallas needs help on the back end and even though letang comes in at 7.25 million, spezza is coming off at 7.5 million so they’ll have the cap space and then letang contract comes off in 2022 which is also when klingbergs contract will need an extension so he’ll most likely get a downgrade in pay and then their 2 best rhd will cost a combined 11.5 million for the next 4 years which is definitely reasonable.

25 May 2018 03:12:19
Tanev is not even close to Letang. Tanev might be the most over rated player in the league. Guy can’t even play a full season but people (mainly Vancouver fans) think he’s a #1 D in the league.

25 May 2018 03:52:59
Letang is still very valuable and a great leader. I think they could do better if they decided to move him.

25 May 2018 03:59:19
Letang will not get you tbat not even close. He is getting older now and has injury history.

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