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24 Apr 2018 18:02:16
to Carolina

to Minnesota

Does minnesota need to add? Greenway is a top level talent but that parise contract is really something.

24 Apr 2018 19:47:01
Wtf man.

24 Apr 2018 20:13:52
Huge no from Carolina.

25 Apr 2018 00:24:10
It's sometimes said "that guy is untradable", but the reply is that Gretzky as traded. I hate using the term "untradable", but if it could ever apply to a NHL contract, it's Zach Parise's. Man is that awful.

24 Apr 2018 10:30:19
Mtl: 1rd 2018 (if the pick is third overall), 2 rd 2018

Car:1rd 2018, Necas

Mtl draft the best available center Joe Veleno of this draft. he's in the LHJMQ and dominated this year)Mtl gets Martin Necas another center for going back a bunch of spots. The second is because Necas is a very touted prospect. Is this fair

Carolina alsosigns Paul Stasny to a 4 million× 3 years contract while mtl offers Tavares 11 million for the next 7 years with a NTC

24 Apr 2018 13:59:12
ummm no from montreal.

24 Apr 2018 16:24:17
Lol wtf no from Montreal.

24 Apr 2018 16:24:54
Like I get trading down and all that but like no from Montreal.

25 Apr 2018 00:26:20
Why tho? Martin Necas and Joe Veleno would be changin are how mtl look foe the middle for years.

24 Apr 2018 00:31:42
to Carolina

to LA
Di Giuseppe

LA recognizes that Brown played to his cap hit this year and if he could ever get moved out then this is the year to do it.

24 Apr 2018 05:04:23
That trade is closer to Browns value last season IMO. Kempe is a big skilled winger. He’s part of there future and if Brown can come close to repeating this season his contract won’t look all that bad.

21 Apr 2018 06:19:40
Carolina Hurricanes: Noah Hanifin, Elias Lindholm
Buffalo Sabres: Sam Reinhart, Casey Mittlestadt, Ryan O'Rielly, Third Round Pick 2018

Di Giuseppe - J Staal - J Williams
S Aho - R O'Rielly - T Teravainen
J Skinner - C Mittlestadt - S Reinhart

How's the value?

21 Apr 2018 06:59:56
Carolina fan wth buffalo says hell no.

21 Apr 2018 12:17:36
Buffalo is giving up 2 of the most valuable pieces. Hanfin is good but is an extreme defencive liability. One day he’ll probably be a good 2nd dman to a team but he’ll never be an elite dman he is already shadowed behind Slavin and Pesce to a certain extent. Rienhart for Hanfin would be a fair swap. No way they give up Middlestad.

21 Apr 2018 05:55:31
TJ Brodie + 4th 2019 for 1st 2018 (DAL) Top 10 Protected + Jason Robertson

Sam Bennett for 3rd 2018 + Stelio Mattheos

These trades give Dallas a top pairing d man that they need and Carolina a middle 6 center with potential that they've been looking for.

It has become quite obvious that one of Calgary's struggles has been scoring and based on the market and Calgary's current assets I believe the best thing for them to do is trade for prospects that have potential to make an impact next year. Both Mattheos and Robertson have shown great scoring ability in junior, have good size, and are RW. Robertson I believe could very possibly make the jump to the NHL next year and be a good player. His finishing around the net and high IQ could pair nicely with Gaudreau and Monahan.

21 Apr 2018 06:09:32
Here come the GM's underrating Brodie. Hate it, very underrated defencemen would love to have him on my team but the 2nd trade is off a bit.

21 Apr 2018 16:43:26
For the second trade would you say Bennett alone gets more or less?

19 Apr 2018 04:47:39
Oilers: 1st round pick 2018 + Leon Draisiatl
Hurricanes: Noah Hanifin + Sebastian Aho

Oilers: Kailer Yamamoto + Kris Russell
Islanders: Josh Ho-Sang + Ryan Pulock.

19 Apr 2018 06:40:09
Not that the value is far off but I wouldn’t do the first one as an Oiler fan. The second one is probably a no from NYI. But Yamamoto could be a really good NHLer and I’d hate to lose him but I’d be all over that trade.

19 Apr 2018 14:26:09
Edmonton wouldn't do any of them.

19 Apr 2018 15:11:52
No from Isles on the second one Ebs. Pulock had a breakthrew season this year. Think he finished with 30+ points too. I wouldn't trade him straight up for Yamamoto if i'm Isles because he is finaly coming into the player he was drafted to be.

19 Apr 2018 16:15:43
I don't have a great idea of Pulock's value, but both seem like the value is quite even on both. Draisiatl's and Aho's numbers are quite similar this year. If anything, I think Carolina is giving slightly too much. However, I think Carolina's done rebuilding and they want NHL talent vice draft picks. Overall, not bad proposals.

20 Apr 2018 02:08:33
No from oilers.
Yes from oilers.

17 Apr 2018 01:30:29
Buffalo: Sam Rienhart and Alex Nylander

Carolina: Noah Hanifin and Elias Lindholm

Buffalo: gets a future top pairing dman to compliment Risto and a sevicable replacement for Rienhart in Lindholm.

Carolina: They have a surplus of defenders and can afford to let one go for s potential 1 c. Also Carolina fans are not high on Hanfin due to his defensive faults.

PS: I believe if Carolina trades a dman it'll be faulk or Hanfin. Slavin and Pesce definitely won't be traded

17 Apr 2018 05:37:45
Take out lindholm and they might think about it nylander look like a bust.

17 Apr 2018 06:52:54
How does he look like a bust?

17 Apr 2018 06:53:19
But I’d say no from Carolina for sure.

17 Apr 2018 11:15:58
That statement is silly Nylander isn’t even 20 years old. Also why would Carolina decline They need a Forward help desperately and Hanfin is 4th on their depth chart.

17 Apr 2018 15:20:33
Think it’s a bit much from Carolina, I’m a fan of Reinhart but I think if Carolina is going to trade hanafin they’re going to want a center that’s more proven, more of a sure thing top center which I don’t know if Reinhart will be that. He may be a better 2nd line center. But yes he’s still young and could be a top center but again he COULD be. That’s too much risk to give away hanafin for. Also whoever said nylander is a bust is crazy, he’s too young to be labelled a bust.

17 Apr 2018 18:48:05
The chances of Rienhart being a 1st line C Is the same as Hanfin being a top pairing dman.

17 Apr 2018 18:55:06
His turn 21 in 2 weeks lol and his ahl stats are pretty shitty.

17 Apr 2018 11:43:28
Lol Buffalo adds.

19 Apr 2018 04:44:17
No from Carolina.

19 Apr 2018 16:29:38
Brock, he turned 20 last month. Not knowing everyone’s birthday is fine, but don’t make up a fake birthday to support your point lol.

12 Apr 2018 23:03:27
Carolina gauthier

Canucks kole lind

Canuck sven markstrom

Carolina darling bean

13 Apr 2018 00:03:13
No from the Canucks on both. I believe Kole Lind may have less value then Gauthier league wide but Canucks value him more to the team then other teams would.

13 Apr 2018 00:10:01
A few months ago we argued that Kole kind was going to be a guaranteed stud and 40 Goal scorer. Now you wanna trade him away 3 months later. That must mean you see gaithier as a 50 goal man lol.

13 Apr 2018 00:34:29
But then again, just yesterday you said darling sucks and now you’re trading for him too lol.

13 Apr 2018 00:37:10
Not sure if trolling or just ignorant.

13 Apr 2018 03:41:31
Lol i never said that i said kole lind going to be a top six winger lind has more offience up side up side then gauthier but gauthier a big strong guy hop fully a some like tom wilson gauthier is a 3 line but still has value with canuck having dahlen petterson boeser all smaller goldibin all smaller guy they need some size. Darling does suck but it going to take something to get bean.

13 Apr 2018 12:28:23
Like Tom Wilson? He’s the softest player you can imagine ( Gauthier) he does not use his size.

14 Apr 2018 05:16:52
Yeah, julien gauthier scored like .75 goals per game for a cpl seasons in junior and doesn’t play overly physical. Are you sure you’re not thinking Frederik “freddy the goat” Gauthier from the leafs as your big, physical bottom six?! Lol.

11 Apr 2018 05:52:57
Canucks: Hutto, Granlund and beiga

Coyotes: Domi

Canucks: Edler and gagner
Canadiens : Valiev and winnipegs 4th round pick

Canucks: Nilsson and Tanev
Hurricanes: Darling and Bean

11 Apr 2018 06:09:23
Uh why does Carolina do that?

11 Apr 2018 07:14:52
Cause scott darling sucks his past 2 years he has 0.88 sp and is makeing 4.15 million a year and nilson a making 2.2 and has better stats.

11 Apr 2018 13:06:26
Darling is one of the worst contracts in the NHL he’s an AHL player being payed 4 million and Bean isn’t anything special he might be worth a lower mid first he isn’t meeting his expectations. They cancel each other out in value. Then Tanev Is a great stay at home 3rd dman on a solid contract huge no from Vancouver.

11 Apr 2018 16:06:53
@vbb, how does darling and bean cancel each other out? They’re on the same side of the trade lol I’m confused with your reasoning here.

11 Apr 2018 17:15:42
No from Canucks on all three, wow.

11 Apr 2018 20:17:56
Darlings nagitive value. As I stated he has one of the worst contracts in the nhl.

05 Apr 2018 00:23:40
At draft..lottery gives Ottawa fourth pick

OTT: Erik Karlsson, Z Smith
CAL: M. Tkachuk, 1st 2018, 2nd 2019, 3rd 2020

OTT: Dzingel, Cal 2018 1st, 3rd 2018
CAR: T. van Riemsdyk, Car 2019 1st

Ottawa selects B. Tkachuk

Hoffman - Duchene - Formenton
Stone - Pageau - Ryan
M Tkachuk - B Tkachuk - McCormick
White - Brown - Paajarvi

Chabot - van Riemsdyk
Ceci - Wolanin
Boro - Wideman

With Carolina trade Ottawa helps blueline and gets back into the deep 2019 1st round.

05 Apr 2018 06:40:21
Haha.2/ 3 draft picks from Calgary one already gone.

05 Apr 2018 07:11:11
Calgary doesn't have a 1st or 2nd.

05 Apr 2018 14:48:23
CGY doesn’t have those picks and no from them anyways, that leaves them with 5 top 4 d men and giving up one of their best offensive players which they need more of. Makes 0 sense positionally for Calgary.

03 Apr 2018 21:04:32
Buffalo trades Ryan O'Reilly to Carolina for Noah Hanifin.

03 Apr 2018 22:58:46
Pretty easy no from Carolina. I’m a big fan of oreilly but the age gap too big for Carolina to accept that.

04 Apr 2018 03:32:19
@ McJesus Christ97 OK that is a fair response. If I can read between the lines, do you think the exchange of talent is fair?

04 Apr 2018 04:20:16
Defenetly not @GMTM.

04 Apr 2018 05:14:10
Yeah no not fair.

04 Apr 2018 13:44:00
Buffalo needs to add. Only way this is considered from hurricanes end is if hanifin is an RFA holdout demanding an insane contract. And even then, O’reilly Has a 7.5 mill cap hit and is a really good player, but far from a bargain. They would just pay the much younger Dman that’s in high demand everywhere and then trade him for more.

04 Apr 2018 14:08:59
No because of contract, talent and age.

01 Apr 2018 18:23:18
Buffalo trades Ryan O'Reilly to
Carolina for Skinner, J., 2019 3rd round pick (CAR) and RFA Trevor Van Riemsdyk.

02 Apr 2018 08:37:30
Pretty sure Skinners worth more then oreilly because of age and better contract. But Oreilly is a center so Idlk.

02 Apr 2018 18:11:51
@ Colt65, Skinner is 32 and ROR is 27. Skinner one more year at $5,725,000 v ROR 5 more years at $7,000,000. Because of the length of the contracts ROR may be better because he is locked up and Skinner may leave after one, but Skinner is the less expensive contract. The age certainty favors ROR being 5 years younger.

29 Mar 2018 10:35:04
Car need a center. Oilers need a really good winger. How about

Edm: Aho

Car: Drai

Would Car consider trading Aho for a good center. Edm can put Aho with McD and he would get 75-90 points a year easy.

29 Mar 2018 12:00:15
God god terrible for oil.

I wonder why you even post if you're going to b like this man.

29 Mar 2018 12:13:22
It's because he's MontrealsFinest and drunk trolling.

29 Mar 2018 14:23:52
Canes would have to add one of their good young D-men.

29 Mar 2018 20:31:26
Nice colt keep it up lol.

29 Mar 2018 23:10:38
Draisaitl can also play wing ya know. Doesn’t really solve anything for the Oil.

24 Mar 2018 21:32:04
P. Kane LW
3rd 2020

L. Draisaitl C
3rd 2019

D. Keith D

S. Reinhart C

J. Toews C
2nd 2019

J. Faulk D
J. Skinner LW

24 Mar 2018 21:57:02
No from hawks

No from sabres

No from hurricanes.

24 Mar 2018 23:12:38
Patrick Kane for Leon Draisiatal?

From which of dantes seven hells did you pull that from?

25 Mar 2018 00:47:13
The 1st one is intriguing, Buffalo would be dumb to trade for a old d man when they clearly aren’t going to be contenders in the near future. I’d say toews and the pick would be close for Faulk alone, but not both Faulk and skinner. skinner is a very low key player I think he puts up good numbers on a team that isn’t too good offensively.

25 Mar 2018 03:55:15
Damn where do I start reading.

25 Mar 2018 16:02:02
Id say no from Chi unless another prospect like Bear is included with Drai for Kane. No from Buff Reinhart is only 20 and keith 35 and almost retired. i'm sure Keitj has value maybe a late first to a contender at the dealine but not a young 20 year old center who could become a 50-60 point player for years to come.

25 Mar 2018 22:51:58
Lol colt you need some help bru.

26 Mar 2018 02:28:41
Just don't pay attention to Colt anymore. Trolling or delusional a f.

23 Mar 2018 19:28:04
CAR: Rask, Ryan, 3rd in 2018
VGK: Eakin, Engelland, 4th in 2019

22 Mar 2018 19:28:02
CAR: Hanifin
FLA: Malgin, Vatrano

22 Mar 2018 21:39:32

22 Mar 2018 22:07:43
Not a chance. Then again the new owner of the hurricanes wants to be coach, gm, president, owner and probably captain with no experience lol so maybe he would be dumb enough.

23 Mar 2018 02:01:04
Lol what.

14 Mar 2018 21:20:25
Carolina: Noah Hanifin
Edmonton: Leon Draisaitl

Montreal: Brendan Gallagher
Edmonton: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

Ottawa: Mark Stone, Mike Hoffman
Edmonton: Kailer Yamamoto, Jesse Puljujärvi, Tyler Benson, 1st Round Pick

Arizona: Max Domi
Edmonton: Andrej Sekera, Ryan Strome

Toronto: Tyler Bozak, Connor Carrick
Edmonton: Oscar Klefbom, Pontus Aberg

Hoffman - McDavid - Stone
Domi - Bozak - Gallagher
Lucic - Cagguila - Cammalleri

Hanifin - Larsson
Nurse - Carrick
Russell - Bear / Benning

14 Mar 2018 22:20:13
No from Edmonton
No from Edmonton
No from Arizona
No from Edmonton.

14 Mar 2018 23:44:59
Oh god these are bad.
No from Edmonton on every trade except Arizona.
Only one interesting is the Ottawa trade and that’s going to be a no from Edmonton, would be nice to get both those players be realistically only Hoffman should be targeted.

15 Mar 2018 00:35:30
I don’t think domi has a ton of value, just don’t think that’s the kind of return they would want. They would want young and skilled coming back.

15 Mar 2018 05:18:02
I’m not sure how a UFA and Carrick gets you Klefbom, let alone Aburg but I’ll take it.

15 Mar 2018 12:26:09
Lol yeah. That leaf one is rediculous. If oilers were in the playoffs and desperately needed centre help it wouldn’t be a good trade still, but when they’re out and his contract is up, it’s one of the worst I’ve seen.

15 Mar 2018 12:26:20
Interesting . EDM fans don't like that trade and i can't believe any Sens fan would want that trade . that's what's called a lose lose . Stone isn't going anywhere. He's been our best player this year . and We didn't trade Hoffman because he's tearing it up with Duchene. As good as Puljujarvi and Moto are, You would literally lose every single Sens fan in the world if you trade those two for prospects. Dorion was said to have rejected a "future driven offer" for hoff already so i can only imagine he wants immediate help.

15 Mar 2018 18:59:43
Hoff, when a team enters a full rebuild (as your owner already stated) the idea is to trade your older players for younger pkayers, not looking for immediate help at this moment.

16 Mar 2018 00:32:57
Maybe quantity equals quality there, I’m not sure. I still wouldn’t trade either of Stone or Hoffman unless an offer blows them away. If Karlsson is traded, the players coming back could put them right back into the playoffs. If Karlsson stays they will have a pretty good core with Duchene, Stone, Hoffman, Karlsson, Chabot and I’m sure I’m missing a couple.

16 Mar 2018 02:12:38
Leafs 17 your just an absolute breath of fresh air on here man. One of the best I've seen. how can a habs fan agree with everything a leaf fan says.? It doesn't happen all the time I can tell you that lol.

16 Mar 2018 13:53:08
Lool. McJesus . Stone is 24. that's not "old" at all. He's is not going Anywhere. and Hoff is 27. just entering his prime.

16 Mar 2018 14:15:56
Stone is 26 not 24. But I agree he’s not someone that needs to go to get younger and better. He’s a great player and does everything including being a leader. If they trade Karlsson I see it kinda becoming stones team.

16 Mar 2018 16:46:11
And @mcjesus leafs did their rebuild and definitely had to get rid of core players like phaneuf and kessel, along with bad contracts like Clarkson and dealt with lupul in a more creative way to say the least lol but they still kept a cpl guys in their mid 20s that they identified as being good examples during the build and still good enough when the team is better to contribute. Guys like Kadri, JVR and Bozak are now 27, 29 and 31 or 32 and playing important roles on a good team. For the right offer, anyone should be available, but it’s more than possible to build for the future while keeping a guy like Stone in the mix.

16 Mar 2018 17:09:19
All I was saying was a rebuild is when you trade players for younger players, that’s the point of a rebuild. So when he said Dorion rejected a future driven offer that’s strange.
I didn’t say anything about actually trading Hoffman or stone I only commented on what Dorion supposedly said.

16 Mar 2018 18:24:09
Yeah. I would think the offer would have to have been low not to move Hoffman. For sure rebuild should be future driven pieces coming tho. If those aren’t the offers he wanted, don’t nnow why he would say rebuild at all lol.

12 Mar 2018 19:08:02
Please don't freak out, it is just a thought :

Montreal: Price, Mccarron

Carolina : Darling, Necas, Bean, 1st 2018

Then try to sign Tavares with the cap space left, and start Lindgren and Darling 50/50 next year.

12 Mar 2018 20:12:18
Fair trade imo. Mtl gets a good center prsopect 12 overall pick. A decrnt backup and a good rpsoect in beanfirst is too kucj imo.

12 Mar 2018 23:28:18
Did fake colt just complement his own post is this cou colts other account.

12 Mar 2018 23:47:34
Montreal would rather want Hanifan without a doubt so.

13 Mar 2018 03:38:50
@redwing. I think Cou is too well written and too good of spelling to be colt.

13 Mar 2018 09:00:56
You wanna offer Hanifin for Price. Yes all in. he's a beast.

13 Mar 2018 14:59:13
Agree with Jim. Colt’s posts usually need a translator for jibberish.

09 Mar 2018 10:00:26
Edm: Staal (retain 2 million)

Car: RNH

Two overpaid 3 line center. I know Staal is better but RNH is younger so it compensates. Fair?

09 Mar 2018 13:48:25
IRNH is better over the last number of years by far. Add in that he’s like 5 years younger and both make $6mill, although Staal is on the books for like 5 years after this I believe, and it’s a hell no from Edmonton. Even at 2 mill retained. The added years on the contract and age gap means oilers would want another good asset.

09 Mar 2018 17:54:14
Wtf lol.

09 Mar 2018 22:39:48
Isn't it cool when the guy that makes the post hits the disagree button on everyone else's comments.

09 Mar 2018 22:43:46
Rnh isn't a 3rd line center, on most teams easy second, some teams 1st, he has played checking line center because of his defensive skills, he could play wing with mcdavid and score a lot more, but that's not the role he's been put in. Just frustrating when people judge talent on points total instead of actually watching hockey.

09 Mar 2018 23:38:59
Yeah. That’s like saying Malkin is a 2nd line centre in the NHL lol or if Tampa trades for Karlsson, hedman isn’t a #1 D anymore all of a sudden. RNH is a 2nd line on well over half the league, 1st on a handful and 3rd on a handful.

07 Mar 2018 10:16:04
Carolina: Staal (50 retain), Fleury

Mtl: Patches, Lekonen

Mtl gets a player for now at a good salary but who isn't producing as much as he should so retaining him give shim more value.They get a big boost at offense and are only sacrificing Flurry.They have plenty of d depth and they also get Lekonen too who could be good in a top 9 role

07 Mar 2018 16:21:46
No from Mtl.

07 Mar 2018 21:07:12
Canes want scoring and patches helps that, but I’m sure they would want to trade from their deepest position which is D. Trading their best centre doesn’t make them any better.

07 Mar 2018 23:52:13
No Lindholm is the number 2 center and needs to step in that role.

08 Mar 2018 13:26:34
I don’t get what you mean colt. Are you saying lindholm is currently the second centre and ready to be a first?! Because if that’s what you are saying, I couldn’t disagree more lol.

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