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30 Jul 2016 18:28:21
Big news lol nucks and benning are interest in Sam Gagner and jiri hudler.

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30 Jul 2016 19:05:08
Gagner close to signing with cbj.

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30 Jul 2016 21:05:21
Surprised Hudlers still there. Knowing that Injuries are bound to happen I'd be fine with signing either to a 1 year deal.

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30 Jul 2016 23:07:02
Sam Gagner almost 100 percent has signed with the Columbus Blue Jackets.
1 year deal i hear.

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30 Jul 2016 17:58:14
Columbus: James Wisniewski and David Savard

Edmonton: RNH, Andrew Sekera and 2017 2nd/ 1st

This solidifies the oilers defence and helps there expansion draft with Sekera going.

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30 Jul 2016 18:13:17
Wisniewski hahaha that's a joke right? Or are you being serious. Clearly you're not. FYI he's a UFA and wasn't even on Columbus last year.

Anyways, this is a god awful trade for Oilers wow you are out to lunch.

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30 Jul 2016 18:14:16
Wisniewski was bought out by Carolina.

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30 Jul 2016 19:07:59
You guy obv know I'm talking about Zach Wernesky.

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30 Jul 2016 19:45:11
Ohh obviously. You just put a completely different first and last name is all.

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30 Jul 2016 20:28:20
Lol Ebs.

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30 Jul 2016 23:21:10
There are so many mistakes in this post .

already said that James Weisnewski wasn't on the Columbus Blue Jackets Roster in about 1-2 years.

Also, Sekera has a NTC.

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30 Jul 2016 16:10:56
Ottawa Trades: Cody Ceci, Clarke MacArthur, Curtis Lazar, 2017 1st (lottery protected)

Colorado Trades: Gabriel Landeskog.

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30 Jul 2016 17:16:14
Way way too much for Landeskog.

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30 Jul 2016 17:40:36
Jesus that's way to much for Landy.

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30 Jul 2016 18:13:53
10000% Ottawa will never do that.

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30 Jul 2016 20:33:34
Not enough quality for Landy. Would you trade 4 quarters for a dollar?

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30 Jul 2016 23:22:03
4 Quarters = 1 dollar


am i not getting something here or.

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30 Jul 2016 15:41:06
Canucks tanev

Sabres Sam reinhart


Canucks tanev

Avalanche duchene

Tanev iS a better dman than Larsen and the Devils got hall.

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30 Jul 2016 16:53:50
Just because oils got robbed doesn't set the market for other gms lmao canucks add.

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30 Jul 2016 17:25:32
Nah yah Nucks Definitely add.

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30 Jul 2016 18:14:24
Wow lol this is hilarious. Nucks add way more for both, especially duchene.

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30 Jul 2016 20:28:09
Tanev isn't better than larrson.

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30 Jul 2016 21:56:43
How much do you think Tanev is worth? He's a #3 defender max.

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30 Jul 2016 23:08:41
Tanev is not better than Lars, and Lars is 4 year younger than Tanev.

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30 Jul 2016 05:18:38
Car - Aho, flurey

Wpg- Burmistriov, Dano, Trouba.

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30 Jul 2016 05:56:20
Looks like it's too much for trouba but I wonldnt do it if I was the jets because the jets need a dman back another problem is Carolina would take on a lot of cap burmi is 2mill a year and trouba is prob going to sign for above 5mill.

Agree4 Disagree2

30 Jul 2016 06:37:53
Like I think Aho > Burmy + Dano and I'd rather have Aho more than both of them. But Trouba would be nice, but it just won't happen. I think hurricanes say no and Jets say yes.

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30 Jul 2016 13:00:14
Canes don't need young defenseman at all.

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30 Jul 2016 16:34:29
D3 - every hockey team on Earth needs more young and talented dmen. You cannot have enough.

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30 Jul 2016 17:16:43
That's an interesting trade for both teams. The Jets give up 3 NHL ready players for 2 grade A prospects from Car. I don't think the Jets would do this deal as they need a top left shot d-man now not int 2/ 3 years. Aho will be good but he may not be NHL ready for 2 years. Car would get the best player by far in Trouba and a good player in Dano. Burmistrov may come reach his potential playing in Car.

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30 Jul 2016 18:15:39
TinBasher Carolina literally doesn't need any more young dman. Seriously lol. Probably the only team in the entire league they are completely stacked on the back end.

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30 Jul 2016 21:57:38
I agree Carolina is loaded they have Faulk, Hanifin, McKeown, Bean and Fleury.

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30 Jul 2016 22:09:04
And at the right price they would take Trouba in a second. He is going to be an upgrade on someone, who could then be moved. I wasnt saying anything about them trading for a dman being likely. Just that Trouba would upgrade the defense on 30/ 30 teams in this league.

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30 Jul 2016 23:36:11
Tim the point is if they are giving up those pieces it would be for a top-6 forward cause that's their position of weakness. Not trade for a defender that they won't need, it's dealing from a position of strength for a position of weakness. No point in dealing them for a defender.

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30 Jul 2016 23:53:10
Canes would like one of the Jets top flight offensive players like Connor or Ehlers for two of their A prospects in Aho and Fleury.

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30 Jul 2016 03:13:27
Oilers: RNH

Habs: Plekanec and McCarron

Would it be fair?

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30 Jul 2016 04:20:11
Why in the hell would the Oilers want Plekaneć?!

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30 Jul 2016 05:38:10
No it wouldn't be fair.

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30 Jul 2016 05:57:18
Habs add Desharnais.

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30 Jul 2016 06:39:23
and maybe delarose he's always tips the scales in any trade or.

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30 Jul 2016 14:13:10
Lol Habs fans are the best.

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30 Jul 2016 00:53:16
Habs: RNH and yak

Oilers: pacioretty, Carr and 2nd 2017.

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30 Jul 2016 03:26:46
No from both teams.

Montrear over-value but the Oilers seriously won't trade anymore top 6 NHL Forwards. Chiarelli said that he isn't' trading Yakupov.

Maybe do some research before actually posting.

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30 Jul 2016 03:41:10
Not worth it for Oilers.

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30 Jul 2016 03:53:20
What a joke from the habs.

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30 Jul 2016 13:01:25
Patches > the entire Oilers package. Easy no from Montreal.

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30 Jul 2016 15:37:15
No way from the Habs. RNH is soft. Yak is unproven and crap so far. No more Habs Oilers trade talk please.
The Habs do need one more forward for the top 6. Left winger.

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29 Jul 2016 23:19:12
Tampa : kucherov and a first

Blues : pientrengelo.

Believable5 Unbelievable17

30 Jul 2016 00:42:33
I made that proposal as a joke and you stole it.

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30 Jul 2016 03:53:33
It's fair deal.

Agree3 Disagree6

30 Jul 2016 04:10:06
Don't understand why Tampa Bay needs Pietrengelo.

I swear, some people just don't think while posting these.

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30 Jul 2016 04:41:04
They need to get ridd off Kouch 'salary demands!

Agree1 Disagree5

30 Jul 2016 04:57:35


Agree6 Disagree3

30 Jul 2016 04:57:46

Agree4 Disagree2

30 Jul 2016 05:09:38
You just know everything eh? You need to chill out. Subban was unlikely to get traded but he did.

Agree7 Disagree1

30 Jul 2016 05:20:28
Agree with Ebsoulitly it might not be Kuch but Bishop+someone else on Tampa is Leaving and honestly if you ask me I think Tampa would do this deal Imagine a Line with Hedman and Petro wow that just be deadly and then you'd have Stralman as a fall Back number 3 jeez but honestly I doubt St Louis does this Petro and Tarasanko are there 2 Franchise players.

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30 Jul 2016 05:39:13
None of us know anything it's all just our opinions. Lol.

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30 Jul 2016 07:48:19
Chill Barrie! And kucherov is no dummie ether blues would be getting one very good player.

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30 Jul 2016 17:19:59
@McJesusChrist I'm actually the next Bob MacKenzie, thought i'd let you know.

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30 Jul 2016 18:17:01

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30 Jul 2016 23:37:34
Tyson. Really? Tampa doesn't need Pietrangelo? Every team wants Pietrangelo.

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29 Jul 2016 22:28:14
Colorado: Duchene and Barrie

Carolina: Faulk and Fleury

Who adds? It fills positional needs.

Believable3 Unbelievable19

29 Jul 2016 23:24:00
Haha when you say the trade all together it rhymes, that automatically makes it a good deal.

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30 Jul 2016 00:13:43
This isn't even close for Colorado wow. Canes add way more.

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30 Jul 2016 02:03:41
Skinner instead? I just feel a D prospect isn't a fit.

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30 Jul 2016 03:40:26
Ebsoulitly I think Skinner is abit muck maybe add Victor Rask.

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30 Jul 2016 05:11:37
I know it's hard to compare D and F's but Duchene is in the same level as Faulk and Skinner is in the same level as Barrie, roughly. Even then I think COL gives up too much.

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30 Jul 2016 13:14:00
I think Skinner>Barrie he is starting to come back from his old form I think Skinner>JVR.

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29 Jul 2016 14:28:18
Tor laich/ michalik
Cbj Hartnell and hetherinton

Salery is pretty close but what this does is give toronto a physical top 9 forward that they need Hartnell agrees for the purpose he is a Babcock player plays hard cam earn more playing time leafs trade him the next season at the deadline
Yes toronto takes on a extra year but they get a good shut down d prospect with a good pass out of the zone for that

Columbus does this because they can Bury laich on the bottom line he is a free agent at years end which allows cbj to protect a good player from the expansion draft so they trade a prospect to keep a good player from the draft.

Believable2 Unbelievable18

29 Jul 2016 15:34:36
No dice. Laich and Michalek are UFAs in a year. They will suck it up for me season and clear that cap space as opposed to to taking on Hartnell for 3 more seasons.

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29 Jul 2016 17:04:27
I understand that but they need some veterans through out there line up.

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29 Jul 2016 17:41:50
The Leafs aren't giving up any value. I get that there in a rebuild but why wouldn't they just take a good player for nothing.

Agree5 Disagree1

29 Jul 2016 18:16:04
Doesn't make sense for either side. Don't know why the Leafs would go after Hartnell like GR81 said but then again CBJ is really just dumping Hartnells salary for nothing. I'm sure they could get something of value in return for him. He's still an effective player and would become a fan fav wherever he goes.

Agree5 Disagree1

29 Jul 2016 18:40:53
They need to dump some of the nmc that's the point of the trade they could loose somebody good in the expansiondraft depending what way they go could be a Boone jenner.

Agree1 Disagree3

30 Jul 2016 02:05:23
Boon Jenner can be protected right now.

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29 Jul 2016 10:02:15
Colorado Avalanche acquires
- Justin Faulk
- Victor Rask
- Jonas Brodin
Carolina Hurricanes acquires
- Tyson Barrie
- Charlie Coyle
- 3rd Round Pick
Minnesota Wild acquires
- Noah Hanifin
- Matt Duchene.

Believable3 Unbelievable23

29 Jul 2016 11:11:19
Carolina gets absolutely crapped on, 2 elite d-men and Victor Rask, a top 6 forward for Coyle, Barrie and a 3rd, Holy crap! Faulk is the kind of Defenseman you build your team around, Hanifin has the potential to be one, to put in perspective.

Agree20 Disagree2

29 Jul 2016 11:31:41
Wow are you a wild fan? They got 2 outta the best 3 assets in the trade. Coyle, Brodin and a 3rd for Duchene and Hanifin is pretty bad. Also why does Carolina trade Faulk, Hannifin and Rask for Barrie, Coyle and a 3rd? That's just ridiculous.

Agree18 Disagree3

29 Jul 2016 13:06:06
Lord Christmas, no joke, one of the worst 3-way proposals that I have ever seen.

Agree13 Disagree3

29 Jul 2016 16:34:43
This is heats yeah lol.

Agree7 Disagree1

29 Jul 2016 20:28:50
Hanifin and Faulk for Barrie, Coyle and a 3rd lol joke of the day.

Agree6 Disagree1

29 Jul 2016 23:21:51
Lol in my post, autocorrected Christ to Christmas, LOL.

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29 Jul 2016 07:38:54
Another shot at a Barrie for Faulk swap.


- Justin Faulk


- Tyson Barrie

- Mikhail Grigorenko

- 2017 2nd round?


Hurricanes need offence like @McJesus said in his reply, so they get it in Mikhail Grigorenko who can play centre or wing.

Tyson Barrie can take over Justin Faulk's spot.
(both right-handed)

Joe Sakic said that he wanted a defenceman if Tyson Barrie is traded.

It doesn't look like Tyson Barrie will get signed by Colorado.

Believable0 Unbelievable21

29 Jul 2016 07:56:26
Lmao Carolina's so stacked on young D that after this trade, hypothetically if it happened, the Only Defenseman that are worth protecting are Barrie and Murphy and it gives them 7 forwards to protect which is easy come expansion time.

Agree7 Disagree2

29 Jul 2016 08:00:13
why don't they just add a significant forward piece and Barrie do whatever Carolina needs to do to make it fair. Think about it Grigorenko is not going to be the big answer to Carolina's offensive woes.

Agree11 Disagree1

29 Jul 2016 08:15:20
No point for CAR to do that. Values off too.

Agree6 Disagree2

29 Jul 2016 09:10:51
Noooo don't break up the Canes all American defence lol.

Agree4 Disagree3

29 Jul 2016 17:10:17
This is better, but the problem is that Carolina literally doesn't need to get a D back if they trade Faulk. 100% that would be awesome for Colorado but I just can't see Carolina pulling the pin for a better dman and a average forward. I just don't think a Faulk/ Barrie trade works, but for Colorado it's really good trade.

Agree2 Disagree1

29 Jul 2016 06:38:20
Leafs: JVR + Nylander?

Canes: Faulk

Clearly leafs won't offer their 1st round as it can be very low, but JVR is not even close to enough for Faulk. I put Nylander bcuz Kapanen won't be enough either. Comparing to the RNH + 1st for Faulk. Well I think JVR + Nylander is similar.

This is just my opinion, but if everyone thinks Nylander will be too much (i don't think it is) but who else could be added? What different forward could be there instead?

Believable5 Unbelievable17

29 Jul 2016 07:03:51
JVR's contract ends in 2 years i believe and he might not want to stay with Carolina because he just wants to win.

In my opinion this only happens if Carolina talks to him on the phone and has a verbal agreement about a contract or something.

Agree4 Disagree2

29 Jul 2016 07:04:19
honestly from a non-Maple leaf fan, I think there's still a part missing from Hurricanes part, they get a top 6 forward and an elite prospect who Toronto thinks will be a huge part of the rebuild, but this should entice the Hurricanes lots to actually give up a little more.

Agree9 Disagree6

29 Jul 2016 07:19:37
Yeah I agree but the market is so expensive you know? It's hard to tell, and Toronto is getting back a young elite defenseman with a great contract. But good points by both of you.
I thought about not putting JVR for that reason but I didn't know who else to include that Canes would want.

Agree2 Disagree1

29 Jul 2016 07:42:16

I'm going to get hate for comparing it to the Adam Larsson trade but screw it.

The market is expensive.

Especially for a young, top 2 defenceman that has a great contract and he is right handed.

Faulk can teach Morgan Rielly, and i don't really wanna over-value Faulk but i truly think if Toronto can get him they have their trio to build a franchise around.


Agree4 Disagree3

29 Jul 2016 12:40:27
Maybe if John Ferguson Junior was still in charge.

Not a chance the leafs do this with present day management.

Agree3 Disagree5

29 Jul 2016 14:04:59
If I were the leafs I would value is there it's harder to get a dman like that then it is to get a forward prospect. And I'm not sold on Nylander has skill but don't seem to have the drive all the time takes shifts off.

Agree3 Disagree2

29 Jul 2016 15:35:10
This trade is interesting. I agree that if you want to get a top young RD you are going to have to overpay. The Leafs are giving up a lot of talent. Adding a prospect like McKeown would probably make it more even but the Canes won't move Faulk unless it's an overpayment.

Agree5 Disagree0

29 Jul 2016 16:00:02
No from Toronto, nylander is not getting traded. We don't need to compete for a couple years. Finish in bottom 5 again and draft a stud.

Agree1 Disagree2

29 Jul 2016 16:38:02
Thanks for the feedback, lots of mixed opinions. But basically all leaf fans said no lol and nobody answered my question on who else instead of Nylander then : (

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29 Jul 2016 16:59:55
JVR and 2017 first and Dermott would be fair I think.

Agree1 Disagree1

29 Jul 2016 17:11:19
It's got to be a forward though, and really you think Toronto will trade their 1st round?!

Agree3 Disagree0

29 Jul 2016 18:29:31
I think they trade the first before either nylander or marner. They will be more competitive this year, I don't think they will make the playoffs but they could finish outside the top 10. Could make the pic a conditional first rounder.

JVR, 2017 first (conditional- if its outside top 10) Dermott.

Agree2 Disagree2

29 Jul 2016 18:34:14
Can everyone stop with Faulk trades please?

Agree1 Disagree2

29 Jul 2016 22:00:50
Nylander is going to be a star in this league. NO from T. O.

Agree0 Disagree3

29 Jul 2016 22:06:04
Good deal McJesus makes sense for both Teams.

Agree1 Disagree1

30 Jul 2016 00:17:01
Thanks, and see would you rather have Faulk or Nylander, when you already have some other good upcoming players. Obviously Faulk is the answer.

Agree1 Disagree0

30 Jul 2016 03:49:47
Ohh my gosh who ever said JVR and 2017 to Carolina is obviously not a leafs fan. The 2017 1stNolan Patrick/ T. Lidergin>>>>>>Nylander like wow do you guys seriously overate Nylander that much! Wow and I'm a die hard leafs fan. Like really I can't express this enough Nylander might be as good as Kessel but Patrick might be as good as Towes really tho explain yourself. Also don't kid your self the Leafs are easily the worst team in the NHL.

Agree0 Disagree0

30 Jul 2016 03:51:12
Also I'd trade a package of Nylander, Marner and JVR before the 1st pick.

Agree0 Disagree0

30 Jul 2016 05:37:38
Well not Marner actually.

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29 Jul 2016 05:53:37

- Justin Faulk


- Tyson Barrie

- Nikita Zadorov


To me it doesn't look like the Avalanche will sign Tyson Barrie.

And their GM said that he wants a defenceman in return.

Hurricanes want to build their defence.

Hurricanes have the cap space to offer Tyson Barrie a contract he would like.

Hurricanes upcoming defence:

Nikita Zadorov
Noah Hanafin
Haydn Fleury
Ryan Murphy (Still a work in progress)
Roland McKeown

And these are the names who i think have a great chance of playing games in the NHL.

Believable2 Unbelievable14

29 Jul 2016 06:25:56
If Carolina ever even remotely thinks about trading Faulk, it would 100% need a relatively significant offensive piece going to Carolina for them to not hang up the phone, or they wouldn't need to trade Faulk in the first place.

Agree10 Disagree1

29 Jul 2016 06:27:02
Why would hurricanes do that when they need offense, right?

Agree6 Disagree1

29 Jul 2016 06:56:41

Tyson Barrie fills Faulk's spot just like they almost never lost anything.

They can trade Zadarov to get offence. It's just one more good asset.

Agree2 Disagree4

29 Jul 2016 07:20:48
But if I'm Carolina I'd rather have Faulk over Barrie, and they don't need anymore D prospect. They need forwards. Unless Colorado send a forward I don't see it happening without one.

Agree8 Disagree2

29 Jul 2016 23:38:23
No point in trading any leaf under 28 we aren't going to be in the playoffs for a couple of years so sit back see what we got and draft top tear players as we will continue to have high draft picks.

Agree1 Disagree3

29 Jul 2016 05:08:31
MTL : McCarron, Andrighetto, 2nd 2017

Sharks : Hertl.

Believable1 Unbelievable17

29 Jul 2016 09:11:45
Don't see Hertl being moved any time soon. San Jose counters with the same package for Montreals choice of Patrick Marleau or Joel Ward.

Agree6 Disagree2

29 Jul 2016 17:00:27
wheres the value coming from montreal here?

Agree2 Disagree2

29 Jul 2016 19:08:00
McCarron is the value. I wouldn't trade him. could be a very good physical force the Habs haven't had in what seems like forever. he's to young to let go.
Hertl is a good young players as well. but Hans finally have the big forward they need. hope he gets time to develop.

Agree2 Disagree0

29 Jul 2016 21:20:54
McCarron seems like a nice prospect, but really I think he just projects to be a good 3rd line power forward. Hertl is already proven in my opinion and as long as he continues to progress he should turn out to a 30 goal scorer. I just hope you know in terms of trade value between Hertl and McCarron the difference is much larger then a 2nd and "Ghetto". just ask what you would want for Gallagher and then add a bit to that. That's Hertls Value.

Agree0 Disagree0

30 Jul 2016 02:21:42
Hertle is a big body too ya know.

Agree1 Disagree1

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