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01 Dec 2015 16:12:48
Det: Howard, Smith 3rd

Buf: Johnson, 2nd


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01 Dec 2015 16:40:03
Johnson= No value.

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01 Dec 2015 14:39:26
Rangers: Girardi

Calgary: Wideman 3rd.

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01 Dec 2015 14:30:01
Montreal: Lars Eller, Jacob De La Rose, 1st round pick 2016

Winnipeg: Blake Wheeler

Habs get a difference maker for the playoffs while jets get a 2nd/3rd line center/winger and a potential 3rd liner along with a top pick they can flip later. Jets also get cap flexibility for resigning Byfuglien and Ladd.

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01 Dec 2015 14:54:16
Hahahaha try again.

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01 Dec 2015 16:42:01
They want Wheeler above Ladd and Byfuglien. Wheeler is a top scorer, they don't want to move him.

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01 Dec 2015 02:59:08
I know Seth Jones isn't likely going anywhere but with the perennial need for defenseman, a RH defenseman in particular in Edmonton, Nashville and Edmonton are logical trade partners. So just for fun and for my first post in a very long time:

Edmonton trades: Yakupov, Reinhart, 2016 1st (unprotected), 2017 1st (lottery protected)

Nashville trades: Jones

*likely an offseason deal (especially if jones demands a lot) *

The reason Nashville makes this trade is that the get Yakupov who still has potential to turn into a stud scoring winger who could seriously look good beside Forsberg and could benefit from a change of scenery (yes I know he looked good beside McDavid so will anyone else) . Also they get a big, young defenseman who, considering Nashville's ability to develop defenders could turn into an solid, affordable top 4 guy. They also get 2 firsts (2016 likely top 5) where they can draft 1 and possibly 2 young, stud centres that they have been lookin for.

The reason Edmonton makes this trade is obvious, Jones is a future #1 defenseman and would be the perfect guy to pencil in beside Nurse on the future top pairing. Also, Edmonton cannot continue to wait for guys like Reinhart to season in the AHL and lottery picks every year. Making a move like this will be giving up some potential and valuable picks. However, the value in Jones and his fit on the Oilers makes it worth it.

Let me know how far off I am, who adds, or any suggestions. Thanks!

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01 Dec 2015 03:10:54
Personnally, I think a trade around RNH vs Weber is more probable for two reasons:

1. NAS are looking for a real 1Center and with McDavid/Draisaitil, EDM have depth

2. NAS have a budget to respect and with the massive contract that Weber have, they wouldn't be able to resign the yongsters like Josi/Jones/Forsberg. Also, NAS have depth with their D-man.

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01 Dec 2015 03:15:26
Who the hell do you think Jones is? A hybrid between Pronger, Lidstrom, Doughty and Keith? There is not a single player in the league worth a package like that. that's almost 5 first round pick (yak= 1st, Reinhart (gave up 16th pick plus early 2nd) ) . You are clueless if you think Jones can bring you back a package like that.

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01 Dec 2015 16:36:22
@Pitrainer Yea you are probably right, but I still think someone in the mould of Seth Jones, that will develop into his prime with McDavid and the other young guns is more desirable for Edmonton

@BeastMode97 Calm down. Yes I agree that this is an overpayment. However, it is not near the overpayment that you make it out to be. In order for Edmonton to keep their core intact and acquire a top talent like Jones, who I do believe will develop to be in the class of the players you listed, they need to give up some assets. And I must caution you to judge player value on where they were drafted or on the price paid to acquire them. I do not believe that Reinhart is worth the price paid for him and with Edmonton's wealth of young talent on the left side with Nurse and Klefbomb and the emergence of Davidson, that looks like a nice 1-2-3 punch on the LH side on top of the settling in of Sekera which makes 4 legit options on the left side. I have two questions for you, who does Reinhart pass to win a roster spot? (None of the options listed in my opinion) And the second, if I am so far off on Jones' value, please fill me in on what the Oilers would have to pay to acquire him?

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01 Dec 2015 16:43:38

Yakupov and Reinhart are potential busts

Jones is the top defensive prospect IMO you won't get without overpaying. I don't care where Yakupov and Reinhart was drafted that means nothing in their value.

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01 Dec 2015 17:50:19
Shoot for Hamonic it won't cost nearly as much.

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01 Dec 2015 18:07:48
lol beastmode. yakupov an renihart aer pretty much busts (yak has proven once again tat he's nothign without mcdavid) , jones is definitely worth more than an unprotected pick that';; likely fall somewhere in the top 10 and a protected one that'll fall 15-30, ok 15-29 :D.

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01 Dec 2015 02:38:35
MTL: L. Eller, N. Juulsen, N. Sherback, 1st 2016


CLB: R. Johansen, K. Rychel, 4th 2016.

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01 Dec 2015 05:14:48
Habs say OK, but make it a 2nd rounder

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01 Dec 2015 07:06:50

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01 Dec 2015 16:44:09
Not even enough for Johansen.

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30 Nov 2015 23:34:07
Leafs rest of the season.

By end of December:

Toronto waives Forward Byron Froese; is claimed by New Jersey Devils

Toronto trades Forward Tyler Bozak, Defenceman Roman Polak and a 3rd Round Pick to Vancouver in exchange for Forward Chris Higgins, Forward Sven Baerstchi and a 2nd Round Pick


Toronto trades forward Michael Grabner to New York Rangers in exchange for Forward Tanner Glass and a 5th Round Pick and a 7th Round Pick

Toronto trades goaltender Jonathan Bernier to Winnipeg in exchange for 3rd Round Pick and 4th Round Pick (Winnipeg then waivers Ondrej pavelec)



Toronto trades forward Nick Spaling to Anahiem in exchange for Michael Sgrabossa

Toronto trades forward Shawn Matthias to Colorado in exchange for Dennis Everberg and a 3rd Round Pick and a 4th Round Pick



Toronto trades Brad Boyes and Matt Hunwick to the Minnesota Wild in exchange for goaltender Nicklas Backstrom and a 2nd Round Pick

Toronto trades James van Riemsdyk and Matt Frattin and Stuart Percy to Calgary in exchange for David Jones, Oliver Kylington, 1st Round Pick 2017 (non-lottery protected) and a 3rd Round Pick

Toronto trades Martin Marincin to Columbus in exchange for a 3rd Round Pick and a 7th Round Pick

Lineup after deadline:

Komarov - Kadri - Nylander
Parenteau - Holland - Jones
Baertschi - Winnik - Higgins
Glass - Carrick - Everberg

Phaneuf - Gardiner
Rielly - Corrado
Harrington - Brennan


May be delusional, but oh well! Rip me up boys, lol.

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01 Dec 2015 01:27:28
I like most of the trade but I'd like to keep spalling.

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01 Dec 2015 01:54:01
I really hate that deal as a Canucks fan. We don't need Bozak. H. Sedin, Suter, Horvat, McCann. Try again.
Too much for Boyes and Hunwick, maybe a 3rd?
The JVR trade is brutal.

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01 Dec 2015 02:45:51
Vancouver lol.

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30 Nov 2015 23:22:30
ARZ: Boedker, Michalek

CHI: Teravainen, Bickell.

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01 Dec 2015 16:45:16
Lol Teravainen will remain a Blackhawk.

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01 Dec 2015 00:11:07
Min: Matt Dumba/Jonas Brodin, Granland/Coyal and 1st/2nd 2016 + a cap dump if needed

Clb: R. Johannson and K. Rychal

IMO it's fair value for Johansson a yong elite center. What do you guys think.

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01 Dec 2015 13:29:51
haha i personally think its too much :P dumba and brodin are both young dmen who still have potential to become top pairing (or #3 dmen) coyle and granlund are both young top 6 forwards with potential and a first? oyy and your going to give them a cap dump? i understand johansen is considered a 1st line center but he isn't an elite one

but not a bad trade i suppose.

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30 Nov 2015 21:04:11
Mtl: 7th 2015
Dal: 7th 2015

A fun little bet between the gms to see who will finish higher in the standings and who will get rewrdedb.

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30 Nov 2015 21:18:48
pretty lame reward.

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30 Nov 2015 21:40:39
Keep you're picks you just lost Price long term.

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30 Nov 2015 22:02:29
im sure stuff like this is jokingly proposed all the time, but you're totally lost if you think anything of the sort would ever actually happen.

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30 Nov 2015 22:16:23
Simply genius.

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01 Dec 2015 01:30:20
Actually it did Shankar in 1986 between the rangers and Quebec.

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01 Dec 2015 18:09:31
yes, 1986. you do realise how much the game, specifcically fan involvement and the media, has changed since then?

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30 Nov 2015 20:28:38
Edmonton: RNH

Toronto: Bernier, Polak or (Harrington or Corrado) and a 3rd round pick 2016.

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30 Nov 2015 21:14:56
How is that trade even remotely appealing to Edmonton?

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30 Nov 2015 21:26:03
berniers value is close to a 3rd (not even probably)
polak is worth a 4th at best
corrado was a waiver pickup worth MAYBE a 4th
harrington is decent, but is only probably worth a 3rd + low prospect

3rd + 3rd/4th + 3rd
does not get u RNH.

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30 Nov 2015 21:20:34
So oilers trade their 1st line center for a backup/third string goalie, a #5-7 dman and a 3rd round pick. I could say something but a think it's best just to leave this one.

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30 Nov 2015 21:42:58
fAir trade we will throw in Komisarek for ya, get err done.

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30 Nov 2015 22:18:33
Great trade for the Oilers! A waiver pickup defenseman, goalie who is yet to win a game this year and has lost his job to a rookie, and a bottom paring defenseman worth a 5th at most! Plus a third. All this for a number one center man. Oilers with a steal!

Not a chance from Edmonton. You're embarrassing your fan base.

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01 Dec 2015 17:28:11
Leafs add, maybe marner.

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30 Nov 2015 19:59:42
Here's a thought of a sign and trade

Wpg signs Buff to 6 year 6.75 million

Trade Buff to NYI with 1.25 Million retained for Hamonic

Isles have 5.5 million Buff for 6 years
and Jets technically paying Haminic 3.85 + 1.25 = 5.1 million.

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30 Nov 2015 21:27:14
If buff is signed islanders add especially if Winnipeg retains salary.

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30 Nov 2015 21:43:46
This is nonsense, no one would do that.

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30 Nov 2015 22:04:04
literally stopped after i read sign and trade. this isn't the nba, it doesn't happen here. teams would much rather negotiate their own terms than have to settle for what someone else negotiated.

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30 Nov 2015 22:19:19
What is the point of signing a player, only to trade him and retain salary.

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01 Dec 2015 01:20:12
Yeah they'd love to retain for 6 years.

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01 Dec 2015 16:54:11
It happened with Chris Pronger albeit that's not what Edm wanted when they signed him.

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30 Nov 2015 19:52:25
Calgary Flames Trade:
Mark Giordano

New York Islanders Trade:
Travis Hamonic and Michael Dal Colle

Calgary Flames Trade:
Jiri Hudler

Boston Bruins Trade:
1st round Draft pick (Boston's or San Jose's)

Calgary Flames Trade:
Jonas Hiller

Toronto Maple leafs Trade:
Jonathan Bernier.

Believable5 Unbelievable8

30 Nov 2015 21:27:10
First two are terrible.

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30 Nov 2015 22:01:29
1st trade, value might be there but no from NY they got leddy-Boychuk no need to give up Dal Colle as well why would CGY trade Gio he's their captain and they just resigned him. 2nd trade, think its a bit Low for Hudler IMO scored 77 pts last year bet he could fetch more at the trade deadline. 3rd, as a Leaf fan i'd rather throw Bernier threw waivers Hillers old, expensive, barely worth anything and untradeable probably.

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30 Nov 2015 19:19:53
Leafs trade Lupul, Bern to Calgary for Raymond, Ramo, 2nd.

Believable6 Unbelievable6

30 Nov 2015 22:02:41
Not terrible honestly.

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30 Nov 2015 19:05:35
Winnipeg trades Trouba, Lowry and a 2nd for Hamonic.

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30 Nov 2015 19:12:15
Winnipeg then fires Chevy.

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30 Nov 2015 19:46:41
I think Isles add to hamonic, just to get Trouba, albeit a small add.

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30 Nov 2015 20:02:52
Trouba is much more valuable then you make him seem in this trade. His value would be very close to Hamonic. A lot of hype with this kid, I don't see them giving him up. He could end up being much better then Hamonic as well. He hits, defends, and has a better offensive game then Hamonic. I'm not saying he'll be the next Weber but the potential is there.

Agree4 Disagree1

30 Nov 2015 20:45:27
My God. this Hamonic garbage is starting to get out of control. He's a number 3/4 on any playoff team. Trouba is a future top pairing guy and is already better than Hamonic right now anyway. Horrendous proposal as usual by leafs99 yet again.

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30 Nov 2015 22:20:21

You must not watch much NYI games. Hamonic is quite good would be a 2-3 on most teams.

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01 Dec 2015 00:32:04
I'd say Trouba has more value alone then Hamonic.

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01 Dec 2015 02:58:36
I'm not saying Hamonic isn't good. But he has been seriously over valued on here lately. Like I said, on any playoff team he's a 3/4


All would have Hamonic playing the 2nd pair at least. He's a good defenseman but not nearly as great as people are making him out to be.

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01 Dec 2015 13:40:27
okay stammer i tend to agree with u

but that's a bit of a bull comment

chicago #3 kieth seabrook
Anahiem lindholm/vatanen/hamonic take your pick
Detroit #2 after Kronwall
Tampa #3 after Stralman and Hedman
Was #2 after Carlson
nyr #2 after mcdounagh (maybe staal)
sjs #2 after burns
stl #3 after shatts and pietrangelo
dal #2 after klingberg
pit #2 after letang
bos #1 LOL boston is that bad
mtl #2 after subban
min #2 after suter
ott #2 after karlsson
la #2 after doughty (maybe muzzin is better)

so when u look at it he isn't really a #1 anywhere (other than boston LOL) but i would say he is probably a #2 on most teams and 3 on the best teams

but everyone values him like a #1 and its killing me.

Agree1 Disagree1

01 Dec 2015 15:46:17

I was taking into consideration that most teams don't play 2 right handed guys on the same pairing, and for that reason, he would be sent down a pairing. (Since he wouldn't be playing over Carlson, Burns, Shatts or Piet, Klingberg, Letang, Subban, Karlsson, or Doughty. ) )

Not to mention I completely forgot about Nashville. He would be a number 5 there easily.

Also, i somewhat agree with your post but not on all of them. NYR has Yandle and Girardi who I would rather play over Ham any day. As much as I hate Boston, I would rather play Z and Krug before him. Brodin is better in MIN, Markov is better in MTL, etc.

Bottom line, Hamonic is being vastly over valued.

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30 Nov 2015 04:45:41
Mtl: Delarose, 2nd, 2nd (buff)
Win: Ladd

Mtl: Plekanec, 1st
NJ: Henrique


Not a bad playoff 1st line


Believable2 Unbelievable12

30 Nov 2015 05:18:52
NJ wants plekanec why?
WPG wants to take that trash for their captain why?

Agree10 Disagree3

30 Nov 2015 06:39:38
De la Rose is good but it'd take more than him and 2 seconds for ladd.

Agree7 Disagree5

30 Nov 2015 16:57:06
Lol Habs fans at it again.

Agree4 Disagree2

30 Nov 2015 20:07:38
I agree with showtime. Look at the most recent trades over the last couple years involving top-six forward UFAs. Vermette got a 1st and good prospect and Ladd is much better.

Agree3 Disagree2

30 Nov 2015 20:35:10
@shanker do your research before you comment. Delarose was 34th overall in 2013 and qas considered one of the best defensive forwards in the draft. Along with 2 2nd round picks, one from buffalo via Minnesota and a Montreal one, 3 2nd round picks at the deadline for a potential ufa for winnipeg is a good deal, and we know how bergevin is good at making deals. Just do some backup search before you deem everything "trash" just because you don't know about it.

Agree2 Disagree4

30 Nov 2015 22:09:55
oh it apears i don't need to do research, since you just did it for me.

1. draft position is meaningless years after being drafted
2. de l rose will be a 3rd liner, like you say, defensive forward. nothing special there
3. 2nd round picks are far more often nothing than they are something. you might want to do your research there.
4. no, 3 2nd round picks for ladd is not a good deal.
5. your arbitrary "bergevin is a good negotiator" claim has no standing
6. you, my friend, seem to be the one that needs to do some background research.

there, i even nicely organized it into a set of points for you.

Agree4 Disagree2

30 Nov 2015 22:23:01
Actually Piccante it is not a good proposal for Ladd. Ladd will go for a better prospect and better picks. Doesn't matter how good Bergevin is at "making trades". Cheveldayoff is not stupid and won't trade his captain for that.

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01 Dec 2015 00:30:19
So according to you a seventh round pick is an over payment for buff as he was drafted in the eighth round

Draft position is irrelevant.

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01 Dec 2015 01:29:52
Jets don't need 2nd round picks and those pick don't have a whole lot of value unless there traded at the draft. They'd just get a whole lot worse after that trade.

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