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22 Jan 2019 19:50:24
Colorado Trades

Toronto Trades
Liljegren (AHL)
1st Round Pick 2019

EJohnson has never been the elite top Defenceman everyone though he was when Drafted 1st Overall and Colorado I believe would move him for the right price, this Trade Proposal really is the right type as they get an NHL Player a Prospect and a 1st Round Pick.

Leafs get what they are looking for getting EJohnson so no need to go into details why they would make this Trade.

Thoughts ?

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22 Jan 2019 23:20:01
johnson has a nmc so he would have to waive it, but i think this is a decent trade for colorado as they are not yet ready to contend and get another 2 first round picks basically and then Zaitsev to balance the cap.

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22 Jan 2019 23:20:18
Interesting, good post.

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22 Jan 2019 23:20:49
"WHAT YEAR IS IT? " - Alan (Robin Williams in Jumanji)

Like I understand wanting Erik Johnson but that seems like an overpayment in giving up Liljegren.

He is not the same as his youth, so you will get an older version.

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22 Jan 2019 18:52:20
STL- Petro


NylanderKappy Liljgrensandin 1st 2019 (+ if cap dump is needed)

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22 Jan 2019 22:48:17
This is a new low for you, colt.

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22 Jan 2019 23:07:14
Who is coming back with Petro for all that.?

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23 Jan 2019 00:54:01
Holy this is brutal.

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22 Jan 2019 14:32:16
Colorado Trades

Toronto Trades
Liljegren (AHL)
1st Round Pick 2019

Cap difference is 1.5 million so long term it can work for the Leafs and they get a pretty good Vet RHanded Shooting Defenceman, Colorado gets a pretty good return for EJohnson that will only add to what they already have.

Thoughts ?

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22 Jan 2019 20:10:42
TOR: Kapanen, 1st Round Pick 2019
CAR: Hamilton

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22 Jan 2019 21:55:07
Im sure that would do it.

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22 Jan 2019 21:52:46
I would do it if I where either Team, Leafs recall Bracco from the AHL and Hurricanes recall HFleury if this Trade went down.

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23 Jan 2019 00:05:28
Hamilton is still worth more. I think the canes are after a difference maker four dougie.

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22 Jan 2019 17:38:02
edm: draisaitl and spooner

ott: stone and duchene if both resign with oilers


phl: simmonds

edm: lucic and 2020 2nd pick

bos: halak

edm: puljujarvi,sekera,2019 1st and 2019 2nd pick

car: ferland and hamiton

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22 Jan 2019 18:00:13
Oilers take on an extra 6-8+ mil in the first one, so impossible.
Hell no from philly.
Hell no from boston.
Another no from carolina and we don't know if sekera will ever play again.

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22 Jan 2019 18:09:41
Only the 4th trade is somewhat fair to both teams. Edmonton has to trade a couple of their top 7 players in order to get players that they need to turn this sinking ship around.

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22 Jan 2019 20:20:22
stone and duchene are not gona resigh so they need to trade them or lose them and for money draisaitl and spooner are 11.5 mil and duchene and stone are 13.35 its only 2 mil differents

pilly needs a starter goalie and talbot would b a great fit

bos has been reported that they are interested in bring back lucic.

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22 Jan 2019 21:59:38
i meant if they resign in edmonton. not now. i'm sure both players will be seeking around 8-9mil per year.

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22 Jan 2019 22:34:32
why would boston be interested in lucic, whos only going downhill. they already have backes, who is pretty much as bad, but has less term on his deal. if anything, itll be backes for like lucic, a second and some prospect.

and talbots been basically relegated by koskinen, i can't see philly considering him a MAJOR upgrade on any of hart, elliot, neuvirth and whatever else they have.

and as for the duchene trade, to be honest, i don't know if Ottawa does that. Duchene's been playing elite this season, and while he isn't at Drais' level, and probably never will be, Stone is 20-30x better than Spooner, lol. To get both on extensions, for just Drais is not happening, its like Ottawa upgrades at center [despite having logan brown and colin white] while trading away the only competent winger they have aside from brady tkachuk.

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23 Jan 2019 00:20:12
Talbot to Philly makes sense for the right price IMO. And I’m sure Simmonds would be the target so I could see it working. I think Philly would like to have Talbot for the rest of the season instead of investing money in him in the offseason.

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22 Jan 2019 16:17:06
Here is one way out there....

Toronto trades Nylander, Sparks

Calgary Trades Neal, Bennett and Smith

Cap is almost the same, gives Toronto a back up to Anderson and some grit up front. Calgary gets another scoring forward (minus this season).

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22 Jan 2019 17:12:12
No can do nylander breaks the pay wall the flames set with Johnny and Gio, Tkachuk is already going to break the wall but we don't need him eyeing nylander money.

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22 Jan 2019 17:15:31
Next year his cap hit is only 6.9 million.

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22 Jan 2019 17:26:05
I think toronto is better off keeping nylander.

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22 Jan 2019 19:21:51
This is to all Leaf fans, wow, whata season makes, Nylander was the up and coming star last year and now every Leaf fan out there wants to trade him away! Leafs would have been smart to deal him when they had a chance, Hell they could be a cup contender if they would have traded Nylander for a proven D-man!

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22 Jan 2019 23:10:04
Flames should jus stay the course. good mix of Finesse, Grit, Defense ect. only thing they could improve on is in net.

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22 Jan 2019 23:48:07
Leafs are a cup contender. And Nylander is driving play as much or better than before just not getting the results. I wouldn’t let this small sample affect your overall outlook of Nylander much. If he doesn’t rebound this year and starts next year slow maybe, but can’t just dump someone the minute they hit a rough patch.

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23 Jan 2019 00:51:16
Yes they should’ve traded Nylander for a defenseman when they had the chance. However, I’m sure he will get back to form at some point, whether it’s with the leafs or a new team. I wanted him traded the second he held out.

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22 Jan 2019 15:27:33
Read from an article.

Oil: Talbot

Leafs: Connor Brown

Leafs get more experienced back up if Anderson goes down, Oilers get a forward they need (they need any nhl quality forwards lmao) .
But yeah read from article. Thought it was interesting. Leafs also have enough cap space for Talbot.

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22 Jan 2019 15:34:04
what if sparks was sent back with a pick or prospect for talbot, so oilers can get a more qualified back up to be behind kosk instead of montoya? i'd love if we could get brown though.

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22 Jan 2019 17:27:51
I think if oilers could get back sparks or brown as a returnfor Talbot it would be a win for Oilers. So that would be ideal to get at least one of them back.

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21 Jan 2019 23:37:36
2019 2nd round pick
D Jakub Zboril

RW Wayne Symmonds

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21 Jan 2019 23:35:37
2019 3rd round pick (Ottawa)
2020 2nd round pick
prospect C Igor Shvyryov

NY Rangers:
Kevin Hayes 5.175

2 picks and a prospect for a rental 2nd line center. Thoughts?

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21 Jan 2019 23:50:54
Hayes gets more than that. Look more of a Shane Bowers + Avs 2019 1st. Or Jost +

Hayes will be the best center on the market if Duchene re-signs.

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22 Jan 2019 02:36:20
Hayes gets more than that. But there's little to no way he hauls in Jost+. Could see a deal centralized a 1st and a smaller add, similar to Vermette before.

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21 Jan 2019 19:18:30
Edmonton: Draisaitl + a pick (second maybe first)

Anaheim: Rakell + Montour

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21 Jan 2019 20:21:17
I thought maybe Rackell would flirts with 40 goals this year. That hasn’t happened at all. Taking a step backwards for Rackell this year, his play has been less impressive than previous years. Montour’s looking good. I think it’s safe to say Anaheim has gotten their money’s worth so far. I think he’s a real standout performer. Good job there by Anaheim drafting and developing Montour into another top 50 defenseman. That makes four of them on the team now. Hopefully Leafs would be somlicky to duplicate Anaheim’s success.

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